Klaiber’s new book teaches kids and adults how good it feels to love and appreciate the treasures all around us.

WILMINGTON, NC, August 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author Sarah Klaiber has announced the release of a new kids’ book, ‘Treasures’.

There are millions of children’s books available today, and thousands of books on the value of positive thinking. Award winning author Sarah Klaiber has managed to take a completely unique approach to both genres with this new release.

Nearly all of these kinds of books extol the virtues of positive thinking. Nothing new there. However, to find the reason WHY we should be positive, we must look beyond our perceptions of everyday events. This goes beyond positive thinking to the realization that every happening – good, bad, ugly, sad – offers us the opportunity to find a hidden treasure. What is a treasure? A treasure is anything that has value. And every one of those treasures holds massive power. How do we do that? There are three simple steps – Stop. Look. Appreciate.

“I wrote this book to remind kids and adults to appreciate the small things, the things around them that mean more than they realize,” Klaiber stated. “If more children grow up with this message, the world could some day be a happier place. The same result could come from more adults being reminded of it as well.”

A child’s mental health is all important. Our children face issues we have never faced. The mental health issue is particularly challenging, as today’s kids must interact in a world in which social media (and the resulting cyberbullying) take center stage. This does not only affect children. Adults face many of the same issues. Thankfully, Sarah did not stop with publishing a book. She also created a blog where she presents all kinds of ideas in regards to learning how to stop, look and appreciate.

When asked about the mission of her blog, Sarah stated “It is important to think positively more often than most of us do. The opportunity is always with us, not just when the book is open. My blog gives this message value. It gives the opportunity to connect, comfort and allow gentle reminders into our unprioritized minds.”

‘Treasures’ has received high praise from readers and reviewers. The book received a five star review from Readers Favorite. In that review, Barbara Fanson stated, “Treasures will remind children that they have a lot more valuable items in their life than they realize.” Red City Review said, “The lesson offered is a crucial one, and parents will be sure to support the message that the book is trying to make.” Another Amazon reviewer said, “Perfect book for keeping little ones grounded in this high tech, materialistic world.” Great word choices tell what children (and everyone) value most. Excellent for grandparents’ (and parents’) snuggle time . . .”

Sarah Klaiber was recently featured on The Authors Show. She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. ‘Treasures’ is available at online retail book outlets. More information, including her blog, is available at her website at http://www.treasuresaroundus.com.

Writing was Sarah’s first love. Her creations started at a very young age with poetry and short stories. As time went on, her passion evolved into songwriting. Sarah enjoyed composing so much that she made plans to pursue it as a career after high school. She was offered a recording contract, but there was a better path in her future.

Creativity took a back seat as Sarah worked towards being the best wife and mother she could be. The music scene made a brief re appearance, but the experience was disappointing to say the least. After that, the pen stood still for quite some time.

From a very young age, Sarah also fought the silent battle of depression. It worsened in time and began to rob her and her family of the happy memories they deserved. Finally, she had enough. That was the day she began her journey to fight instead of give in. The result has been better days.

Sarah taught herself that, among other changes, taking time to find appreciation provides a better outlook and bring light to some darkness. The concept began with “Treasures,” the resurrection of her passion for writing. Today, she is proud to be the voice of someone who gets it, someone who still struggles but not ashamed to admit imperfections while trying to help others.

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