Save time and money by safely moving your heavy semi-trailers in your yard without a licensed truck driver or an expensive semi-tractor with the new 2020 model V-Move© 40t semi-trailer walk-along mover.

VANCOUVER, BC, September 10, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The V-Move 40t is the most powerful and fastest walk-along battery-powered semi-trailer mover in North America. It generates a whopping 9,900 ft-lb of force and goes up to 3.1 mph, which is industry-leading.

No license is required to operate the V-Move semi-trailer mover and with the optional features, you can release air brakes, turn on the trailer lights, and even operate by a wireless remote with remote camera views. With our optional motive fork-lift style battery pack or the massive-capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack, you have an extremely long run time. The V-Move semi-trailer mover is an affordable low-carbon-footprint alternative to diesel or electric-powered semi-tractor or prime movers in many situations.

This newly updated 2020 model V-Move 40t semi-trailer mover with its twin 48-volt AC motors can lift and carry up to 30,865 lb and move trailers weighing up to 88,185 lb. Their first model of the semi-trailer mover was in 2015 and sold out well in advance each year of production. There is now another model, the V-Move 25t, that can lift and move lighter semi-trailers, which is ideal for trailer manufacturers or rental firms. Michael Solkshintz, the Xerowaste Solutions CEO, says “One of the benefits of using an AC motor in a V-Move TrailerMover is you don’t have to deal with the replacement of carbon brushes, as you would in a DC motor tug, and therefore the AC motor is virtually maintenance-free.”

Xerowaste Solutions has been in business since 2013 and is the North American retailer of fifteen different V-Move tugs. These tugs are made of high-quality US and European components, which is why they are backed with an industry-leading two-year limited warranty.
Let XeroWaste Solutions help move your organization toward greater operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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