Specialized in Export while Bringing the Sea to your Kitchen Table

MOKPO-SI, SOUTH KOREA, September 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Seaweeds have become a popular ingredient and side dish in cuisines worldwide. As a good source of nutrients, meals are surprisingly incomplete without them. Whether dried, roasted, or seasoned, people love the aroma and flavor of seaweeds that goes well with other dishes. However, if you are a seaweed eater, you might agree that seaweed tastes different, and that is because of how it is processed and manufactured. From choosing the appropriate kind of seaweed in the vast ocean to packaging, these processes affect the seaweed’s taste and value.

GARIMI, founded in February 2002, is a well-known nori (seaweed) manufacturer selected as a Small Giant Company of Korea by the Korean government to lead the global seaweed manufacturing processes market in 2021. GARIMI has been known for its three primary characteristics in the market.

Global partner that leads the export of fishery products. GARIMI is a specialized sushi nori manufacturer that leads the seaweed export market with its remarkable competitiveness in taste and quality, which is achieved by its capacity to manufacture dried seaweed, store, process secondary drying, export, and distribute. As a result, GARIMI recorded $7 million in exports in 2021. Furthermore, GARIMI was also awarded as the Export Tower in commemoration of ‘Trade Day’ by the Korean government’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2020. Accordingly, the company’s annual export value is expected to increase to $14 million, double the export amount in 2021.

Hygienic and massive high-tech facility. GARIMI stores the water in a stainless steel tank and wash the seaweed while using tap water to desalinate. Furthermore, almost all production processes are automated for the dried seaweed in the factory. The team manufactures the best seaweed by overseeing the entire manufacturing process in a more sanitary and secure manner, ensuring its consumers’ safety and health.

Bringing the sea to your kitchen table. The usual harvest season for seaweed is from November to April. GARIMI mainly purchases seaweed harvested from December to April, which is fostered by the uncontaminated sea of Korea’s southern coast to manufacture high-quality seaweeds. This period varies slightly yearly depending on the climate and water temperature conditions. Chamgim, also called Porphyra tenera Kjellman, is harvested by local fishermen from various types of seaweed.

All of these efforts were extended to provide the best seaweed in the market and satisfy each one’s cravings, taking pride in being a part of your comfort food. For more information, please visiit GARIMI.

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