Vancouver, Canada, June 06, 2018 –(– GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. (CSE: MPLS) (FWB: 48G) (WKN: A2JF6W) (“GoverMedia” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce today it is pursuing several new strategic initiatives to integrate blockchain technology within its online ecosystem. GoverMedia looks to position itself as a cryptocurrency-friendly platform to satisfy unmet needs in the Russian e-commerce marketplace. Expanding payments solutions to include major cryptocurrencies is an effort to seamlessly amalgamate with existing blockchain communities representing new markets for GoverMedia’s offerings.

The strategic paths GoverMedia is pursuing with respect to blockchain technology are:

1. Cryptocurrency transaction processing: acceptance of major cryptocurrencies for e-commerce transactions combined with instant crypto-fiat conversion processing, back-office and accounting services offered to online merchants

2. Blockchain launchpad platform: marketing and advisory services aimed at assisting early-stage blockchain projects to reach their goals

3. Cryptocurrency trading: access to full cryptocurrency exchange services

4. Smart contracts: research and development activities for the implementation of software protocols to digitally execute contracts, without third party interference, and offer it as SaaS to our customers

GoverMedia CEO, Roland J. Bopp, commented: “We are happy to integrate new decentralized blockchain technologies into our internet ecosystem. Our team at GoverMedia is made up of some of the leading industry programmers and software developers in blockchain. Today’s consumers are technologically adept and want to shop on their own terms. It has been our intention since founding the Company to pivot into blockchain and cryptocurencies. We believe that with the planned activities in our pipeline, we will expand our offerings to boost user experience and engagement, as well as attract new customers to our state of the art platform. This opens GoverMedia Plus to a brand-new market that is highly compatible with our current offerings. We believe our revenues will scale up in the future as these additional offerings gain momentum. We will keep the market updated on our future progress.”

About GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp.
GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. is a Canadian holding company with a fully owned Russian technology subsidiary. GoverMedia has developed a fully operational state of the art internet platform offering all-inclusive online services such as, e-commerce, social media, multimedia, corporate auctions, corporate database, messaging platform and crowdfunding services. We believe the GoverMedia platform is the first and only internet platform offering such a wide range of online services accessible via only one account. The Company’s management and advisors have extensive expertise in the Telecommunications, High-Technology, Corporate Development and Finance fields. and

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