Klever, Inc. is pleased to announce its collaboration with Nomads Hospitality, to launch its actionable NFTs.

DOVER, DE, October 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The organizations have streamlined NFTs to the restaurant industry, capitalizing on the new market potential for non-fungible tokens. This mainstream adoption will create a unique identity in the space and drive excellent consumer engagement.

Klever is a blockchain-based entity that curates businesses to build their project and community through actionable NFTs, which consists of perks and utility-driven NFTs. Klever plans to disrupt the market through various unique events involving NFTs, including; Tokenizing Special Events, Chef Dinner Events, Bravery Chef Hall Fractional Cookbook NFT, and Railway AR Foodie Hunt.

Foodies that frequent Bravery Chef Hall and Railway Heights Market, the subsidiaries of Nomads Hospitality, based in Houston, Texas, will greatly benefit from new opportunities to connect with their favorite brands. Railway Heights Market and Bravery Chef Hall will now allow their customers to tokenize the event space areas as NFTs. The NFTs will contain a set of unique records, including date, time, the total number of persons, and other trackable metrics. When an individual cannot show up on the date/time, it can be sold to other curious foodies through online auctions through seamless peer-to-peer (P2P) trading.

Bravery Chef Hall Cookbook NFTs consist of savory chef recipes. Chefs will create recipe cards as NFTs, and food vendors will include a digital recipe card. The digital recipe card will be connected to “Actionable” elements. The assorted range of experiences includes AR videos revealing chef techniques on dishes, signed merchandise and cookbooks, upcoming associations on novel recipes, privileged table reservations, and home meal experiences. All these utilities and perks can be accessed only by the owner of these NFTs.

The Klever NFT platform generates exclusive AR foodie hunts at Railway. The engaging gameplay allows users to collect rare NFTs and splendid rewards from local vendors. Nomads Hospitality has focused on creating an experience that combines the amusement of gaming and collecting to unveil remarkable value to the audience through immersive experiences.

“We firmly believe that NFTs are the future. Conventional NFT art drops have already shown their success. We plan to capitalize on an emerging market and create new revenue and growth opportunities for brands and businesses using NFTs. With a solution-focused approach, we drive meaningful and deep community engagement,” said Lian Pham, the CEO of Klever, Inc.

Klever’s novel use of NFTs through leveraging cutting-edge technological advances will continue to delight foodies who visit subsidiaries of Nomads Hospitality.

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