Peter Arn, CEO and co-founder of ROMTech ®, has a wealth of experience building various companies throughout his professional career.

BROOKFIELD, CT, March 03, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Peter Arn, CEO and cofounder of ROMTech ®, has a wealth of experience building various companies throughout his professional career. Peter Arn started his entrepreneurial journey as CEO at the Calvin Capital Corporation.

From previous experience, working as a loan officer, he took what he learned in the mortgage business to take Calvin Capital Corporation to the next level.

Cultivating a strong team of highly skilled individuals drove success early on in his professional career allowing the Calvin Capital Corporation to grow rapidly in a short period of time.

Arn then played a role in founding companies such as the Hoffman Financial Group, GoChuckGo, LIFERA, Inc., and eventually, ROM Technologies ™ Inc.

After building up his experience in global sales and investor relations, Arn was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of ROM Technologies ™ Inc. in August 2018. Since then, he has been a key leader at ROMTech ®, formerly known as ROM3, elevating their medical technology to a higher level.

Remote knee rehabilitation remains ROMTech’s ® main focus of his company. Arn has played a significant role in taking the company’s rehab telemedicine device, the PortableConnect ®, to the next level for post-surgery patients. Allowing patients to save money, see fast results, and cut down on travel by using the PortableConnect® makes it a true breakthrough in telemedicine.

Along with his biography, Arn uses LinkedIn to share patient stories, photos, and more. Connecting with professionals is easy on the platform. Still, he believes there’s room to share information about the company and let people know more about ROMTech ® when they visit his profile. This can help potential employers and knee surgery patients learn more about this innovative company.

About Peter Arn

Peter Arn CEO, cofounder, and chairman at ROMTech ®. For over eight years, he’s played a major role in taking ROMTech ® to the next level. As a result, they’ve had a chance to work directly with doctors and medical facilities to get their main product, the PortableConnect ®, into the hands of patients around the country.

Based in Brookfield, Connecticut, Arn is an entrepreneur at heart who’s partnered and invested in several businesses over the years. In addition, he’s worked in various industries throughout the years, giving him a unique skillset as an investor.

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