Dr. Jeff Hepburn, Baton Rouge dentist, offers a variety of sedation methods to help patients relax during dental procedures.

BATON ROUGE, LA, September 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The anxiety of going to the dentist can sometimes be way too much to bear. For some people it unfortunately prevents them from getting the critical dental care that they need very urgently. When they delay treatment, it leads to even more complicated dental problems, or even tooth loss later on in life. Dr. Jeff Hepburn of Grand Family Dentistry in Baton Rouge understands these fears and is happy to offer sedation dentistry to nervous and anxious patients.

Sedation dentistry allows patients to either relax or sleep during important dental procedures, like dental implant placement, root canal therapy, oral surgery or fillings. They do not have to experience the pain of a needle or worry about feeling anything during the visit. In many cases patients simply wake up with their tooth problems resolved.

As a sedation dentist in Baton Rouge, Dr. Jeff Hepburn utilizes sedation modalities as a simple way to eliminate the anxiety of dental visits–especially for those who have serious dental phobias. Baton Rouge dentist Doctor Jeff Hepburn recently opened a state-of-the-art facility that is equipped to handle those patients that struggled with dental phobias. Baton Rouge dentists, Dr. Jeff Hepburn and his staff are licensed to safely administer sedation to patients.

Dentists use three main types of sedation depending on the patient’s case. Inhalation sedation is when the dentist administers laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation is given in a pill or liquid form and finally, IV sedation is given through an injection into the vein. Oral and IV sedation are the two types that are commonly associated with “sleep” dentistry.

Baton Rouge sedation dentist Dr. Jeff Hepburn and his associates carefully evaluate each patient, including his or her medical and dental history, to decide which level of sedation is best. “I want to do everything in my power to make each patient’s visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Sedation is a great way to put them at ease when they visit my office,” he says.

Nothing should stand in the way of a patient getting proper dental care and maintenance every year. Concerned patients can stop worrying and start getting the care that they need, starting today. Patients who have previously been afraid to visit the dentist are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at https://www.grandfamilydentistry.com and “sleep” their way to good dental health.

About Grand Family Dentistry: At Grand Family Dentistry, Drs. Jeff Hepburn and William Grand dentists in Baton Rouge, provide excellent care in a comfortable environment. Dr. Hepburn has led and trained all of his associates and staff to be compassionate, giving and exceptional people. Grand Family Dentistry is one of the few offices in the Baton Rouge area that work with patients financially to make sure that they all receive the treatment they need regardless of cost. They strive to educate their patients first so they understand their treatment and ways they can improve their lives through prevention. Grand family dentistry also offers dental implant treatment in Baton Rouge and in Mandeville for patients who are missing teeth or want to improve their quality of life through a fix implant retained denture.

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