$1,500 goes to the law student with a background in entrepreneurship.

BURBANK, CA, December 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Some may find the combination of entrepreneurship and the study of law an odd combination, but not CG Gupta. Currently a student at UC Berkeley School of Law, Gupta wrote her scholarship-winning essay on her love of the entrepreneurial spirit.

“I became the only [Law, Societies, and Justice] major in the Foster School of Business Lavin Entrepreneurship Program,” writes Gupta about her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington.

During that time, she co-created a kombucha energy drink business with a team of all-female classmates. She also led a five-person team to create a local restaurant’s cross-subsidy business plan to provide meals to Seattle-area people who suffer from food insecurity.

Gupta is also the winner of a second-place prize in the Lavin Business Pitch Competition. Her team created a proposal for an app that uses crowd-sourced information to provide accessible routes to people with disabilities.

Perhaps the most important experience that has cemented the relationship between law and entrepreneurship in CG Gupta’s mind is her internship at the Life After Innocence clinic at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. The clinic assists wrongfully convicted people on their return to society after exoneration.

“I was able to work closely with the Director of LAI, Laura Caldwell,” Gupta told representatives of Simmrin Law Group. “A successful attorney, author, and activist, Laura showed me how versatile a law degree can be.”

Gupta summarizes her mentality well: “I believe that, if you want to change the world, you should consider yourself an entrepreneur. The field is all about imagining how society can change and creating new solutions to the problems in our world.”

Simmrin Law Group couldn’t agree more.

About Simmrin Law Group

The Simmrin Law Group is a criminal defense and civil rights law firm located in California. Headed by attorney Michael Simmrin, the firm has represented thousands of clients, including more than 100 jury trials for charges up to and including capital murder. Like CG Gupta, the firm believes that innovation and a constant striving for new heights are important qualities in the legal field, prompting Simmrin Law Group to create its $1,500 Entrepreneurial Scholarship.

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