The newest Stok’d cannabis dispensary opens in Niagara Falls, as their second location celebrates it’s first anniversary in Scarborough.

NIAGARA FALLS, ON, April 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stok’d Cannabis last month announced the opening of their third Cannabis dispensary in Ontario. Located at 5736 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls. It is a major achievement for Lisa Bigioni and her team that is on a mission to get their customers “Stok’d!”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to come back to the city where we opened our first cannabis brand only a few years ago,” says Lisa, Owner at Stok’d Cannabis. “We’ve got amazing people and great locations – which is everything in retail.”

This announcement comes after celebrating the one year anniversary of Stok’d Cannabis on Kingston Road, included in their locations:

Stok’d Cannabis Retail Store – 5736 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 3X7
Stok’d Cannabis Retail Store – 631 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, ON M1L 3H3
Stok’d Cannabis Retail Store – 2408 Kingston Road, Toronto, ON M1N 1V2

“Cannabis and Canada go hand in hand. Approximately 20% of Canadians said they consumed cannabis in the past month, according to a 2020 survey,” says the company’s website.

Their website continues to have many valuable resources. One blog article makes the claim that it is the best time in history to become a social cannabis smoker. However, you should not begin smoking with everyone just yet. They offer tips on what to do when socializing with cannabis.

To learn more about Stok’d Cannabis and to see what they have on the menu in their dispensaries, click here.

At Stok’d, we’re bringing backcountry feels to the big city. We’re all about the chill Canadian cottage country vibe – the down-to-earth, no pressure, “sorry about that” mentality that comes with living in the great white north. We’re not pretentious, and Stok’d is definitely not a boutique. We’re Canadians who know our bud, and that means you can expect a friendly, relaxing and educational environment every time you come through our doors.

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