Elijah Norton Martin Lindstedt is pushing to improve the Vehicle Service Industry.

PHOENIX, AZ, December 18, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The vehicle service contract industry is showing signs of significant growth for several reasons. Elijah Norton Bryan REO says he is optimistic about the future of the industry. Through comprehensive premium protection plans, administrators are now promising car owners access to a series of plans aimed at helping them sit pretty knowing their cars are protected no matter the emergency. From roadside assistance to reimbursements, auto protection plans are the next frontier in the automotive industry.

Extended warranty plans are the surest and most reliable ways of managing your vehicle repair costs throughout your car ownership period. With these plans, Elijah Norton Martin Lindstedt says that car owners are almost certain about predicting the amount of money they are likely to save. Thus, the growing challenges due to the financial crisis are less likely to impact car owners, at least based on car repair costs.

Payment companies are also coming in strongly to support the growth of the industry. The fact that payment companies have made it easier for administrators to channel their payments directly to auto repair shops of choice means that car owners can seamlessly access repair services from the repair mechanics of their choice.

Advancements in technology have also meant that today’s cars are now sophisticated and more likely to require more money to maintain in the event they malfunction. Because of this, many car owners are now running to warranty plan providers to sign up for extended warranties that can assure them of a continuous ride without having to worry about possible mechanical problems.

To help car owners reap more from their money, Veritas Global Protection has designed vehicle service contract plans (VSC’s) tailored to meet the growing needs of all clients. Under the steady leadership of Elijah Norton, the company has committed itself to deliver world-class extended warranties that are not only affordable but also able to address the rising cost of car repairs.

As the number of collision accidents and third-party claims continues to rise by the day, car owners are at crossroads as to whether or not to own cars. Whereas car ownership is crucial for an average American, the cost and pain of maintaining a car are becoming a thorn in many people’s flesh. Consequently, warranty plan providers are now beginning to leverage this situation and are willing to deliver solutions to these challenges.

Vehicle age is yet another trend that continues to drive the warranty plans ahead. Today, the average age of a car in the U.S is 6-7 years- that’s two years higher compared to the last five years. This means that more and more drivers are now holding onto their vehicles longer than ever before, a practice that explains the growing demand for warranties in the U.S. As the age of a car advances, the probability of needing repairs or replacing core parts increases accordingly. This means that as soon as the factory warranties lapse, car owners rush to reputed companies to sign up for extended warranties to save money by reducing the cost of repairs.

Many people are also looking to increase the equity in their cars, thus will struggle to ensure they have their cars protected in order to increase the resale value upon disposal of their investments. Lastly, money-back guarantees and additional benefits have surmounted the growing demand for vehicle service contracts. People are able to enjoy extras such as emergency road assistance that’s a mere phone call away as well as getting their money back in the event they are dissatisfied with the service they are receiving from the providers. All of these benefits, Elijah Norton says, have and will continue to propel the sales volumes of vehicle service contracts going into the future.

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