Attorney Patrick Leverty shares expert advice on the statute of limitations for personal injury in Nevada and its exceptions.

RENO, NV, November 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — How long can a dispute between parties last? While it is advised to consult your attorney to weigh your chances at court before filing, you should initiate legal proceedings as soon as possible. A lawsuit filed after the window for suing has closed will likely to be dismissed.

What Is a Statute of Limitations?
Statute of limitations is a legal term that describes the maximum amount of time a case can be brought, starting from the date of the dispute or wrongdoing. These laws are designed to prevent and reduce instances of unfair prosecutions, loss of relevant evidence and witness death or disappearance.

Statutes of limitations vary by offense and depend on the state’s laws. They can be classified as criminal or civil.

How Long Is a Personal Injury Claim Valid?
The validity of personal injury claims in Nevada ranges from one to six years, with several conditions causing variation in the statute of limitations. The most common statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Nevada are:

• Injury or death from construction defect – 6 years
• Defamation and false imprisonment – 2 years
• Medical malpractice – 1 to 3 years
• Personal injury due to negligence – 2 years
• Property damage – 3 years
• Wrongful death – 2 years.

Special Rules and Exceptions to the Nevada Statute of Limitations
In a chat with attorney Patrick Leverty at Leverty & Associates Law Chartered, he stated: “There are several exceptions to the statutes of limitations in Nevada. Not understanding or considering a special rule or exception can invalidate your legal claim.”

Specific scenarios allow for suspension of the statute of limitations. If a person is not aware of the injury they may have sustained or when the wrongdoer tries to cover their tracks, the statute of limitation begins when the injury is discovered.

There are other exceptions to the Nevada statute of limitations as it concerns minors. While these laws can be confusing, consulting with a Nevada personal injury attorney can help you navigate the complex world of statutes and their exceptions.

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