CeladonCandyCeladoniaThe origins of Celadon Candy can be traced back to circa 2010 when Paul Allgood and his band Wedlock were doing much better on hiatus. Multi-instrumentalist and programmer Jason Bowden had done a couple remixes for the band, but he was more Mr. “self-contained” than Mr.” band mate.” Fore-warnings aside, he and Allgood still collaborated, producing a pair of short EPs(cc: and fwd:) subsequent to splitting up. Keyboardists Josh Whitehead and Jorge Rangel were also near casualties in wake – save for Allgood and Rangel keeping in touch for sporadic work on remixes and other band demos.

UK Indie Trinity Eclipse took note and asked to release their compiled work. The result is a nice slice of audio that at the very least answers the question of what a full-length Celadon Candy debut sounds like. ‘Undercutter’, ‘Socialist’, and ‘Celadonia’, know how to treat ones ears. But have a listen to judge for yourself.

The download is free at: celadoncandy.bandcamp.com/yum
Enter code: 5fm7-ctu8