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BOULDER, CO, October 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — 600+ Videos on ChannelPartner.TV now with more than 560 companies provides strategic “just-enough, just in-time” engaging videos and provides viewers actionable knowledge and insights for partner and customer education.

“While the short-form 2-minute videos on ChannelPartner.TV may not always match corporate messaging, from my viewpoint and others, these videos are very valuable to channel partners, VARs, distributors and others along with importantly, customers of all sizes who are looking for another point of view, an independent view of the solution or product as well as in a format that can be shared far more easily than a techno-babble product paper to corporate leadership who needs and insists on fast quick takes on the solution under discussion.”
– Dan Baldwin, Executive Director, Telecom Association

“Personally, I think these videos are fantastic, make a lot of sense and still fairly high level in terms of understanding have great appeal to both the customer and channel partner as well as the company messaging it.” J.D Former CRN Channel Chief

“In particular, your videos are quick, business professional style and have shortened our sales cycle significantly. Customers love the independent perspective and practical video explanations of our solutions. For us it is also a competitive edge with partners who need faster, easier training.” D.T. CRO Note: Later, he noted “We got started late in 2022 assuming everything was going to be rosy and now what is now an economy in serious flux so we realize to get even close to forecasts to investors we need to double up or more to come close.”

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