From the 1930s through his death in 1961, Korman photographed some of the most beloved celebrities of the era. Bob Hope. Anne Bancroft. Josephine Baker. Betty Grable. Loretta Young. Julie Newmar. And, many more, both known and unknown performers.

NEW YORK, NY, February 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The story of New York City’s Broadway history is not complete without knowing about publicity photographer, Murray Korman. Who was Murray Korman and what became of his colossal photographic portfolio? The portfolio was estimated to be 475,000 in 1942. How was it that this once famous and sought-after photographer slipped through the fingers of history and slid into oblivion when he died in 1961?

Korman opened his first photography studio catering to show business people in need of publicity photos. And the show business people came in droves. His second NYC studio catered to the “carriage trade” of society. That studio also became wildly successful back in the day.

During his three decades working in NYC (from the late 1920s through his death in 1961,) Korman photographed some of the most well-known and beloved celebrities of the time. Bob Hope. Anne Bancroft. Josephine Baker. Betty Grable. Loretta Young. Ethel Waters. Eva Gabor. Anne Miller. Jackie Gleason. Julie Newmar. Danny Kaye. Billie Holiday. Fanny Brice. These celebrities, as well as thousands of others, swamped his photography studio looking to get stupendous publicity photographs to hand out to their fans and potential employers.

Upon his death, Korman had no money to leave his heirs; however, there were stacks and stacks of negatives in the thousands. Celebrated and distinguished people. It was his two nieces, Roberta Satro and Sally Greaves who inherited Uncle Murray’s unusual bequest. The massive portfolio was whittled down to six hundred. His nieces believed these to be the best photographs in the collection. Although Sally Greaves has since passed away, Roberta Satro is still living in NYC and remembers much about her Uncle Murray Korman.

After decades in storage, the negatives were deteriorating. With a love of history and old photographs, graphic design artist, Clyde Adams volunteered to digitize the collection for posterity. It took Adams several years to save the collection. With that accomplished, Clyde created a website honoring the many facets of Murray Korman’s genius as a photographer. Broadway. Ad Layouts. Magazines. Carriage Trade. Burlesque. How-to-Booklets.

Still vibrant in her late eighties, Roberta Satro likes to tell stories about her Uncle Murray. She hopes someday the new generation will discover the beauty and glamour of this bygone era in American entertainment. At one point, Satro mused that the highly posed, theatrical style of Korman’s photos fell out of vogue with the public.

Working on and off for ten years on this project, Clyde Adams and co-author, Maureen McCabe, are approaching the finish line with a book that includes hundreds of photographs, short biographies on the people whose photos are featured, and the story of Murray Korman’s amazing, unbelievable climb up and down the ladder of success!

Roberta Satro, Clyde Adams, and Maureen McCabe are available to speak about Murray Korman and his remarkable life and his photographic legacy. Zoom meetings are preferable due to Covid19. Please contact Maureen McCabe by email at: [email protected] to talk more about your interest in our project. Or Maureen can be reached by telephone at (509) 227-9435 cell.

There are two websites to give you a sense of Murray Korman’s artistry and his portfolio at and


Clyde Adams: Adams is co-author of Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the Lens of 20th Century Photographer Murray Korman with Maureen McCabe. The book features the life story of Korman, NYC’s most popular photographer of his era, as well as photos and brief bios of some of his most famous subjects. Adams authored Always a Marine, a book documenting his father’s World War II experiences and The One Big Name, the extended story of Murray Korman. Clyde is a gifted graphic design artist for the past thirty-plus years. Go to to find out more about his graphic design services.

Maureen McCabe: McCabe is co-author of Vintage Babes of Broadway: Through the Lens of 20th Century Photographer Murray Korman with Clyde Adams. The book features stories and never-before-seen photographs by Murray Korman and the entertainers he photographed from the 1930s to 1961. The book scheduled for release in early 2022 should attract history and photography lovers. In 2011, McCabe published Moon Over Vaudeville, about her father’s show business career as a tap dancer in Vaudeville in the 1930s. McCabe published a children’s Christmas story in 2020, A Christmas Love Story: Nicholas Nutcracker & Brittany Ballerina.


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