A dependable resource for consumers hit hardest by inflation

DES PLAINES, IL, March 02, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The skyrocketing inflation that plagued consumers throughout 2022 continues to ravage household budgets and wreak financial havoc.

“Economists misjudged how much staying power inflation would have,” observed the New York Times, and tens of millions American families would agree. Eggs are at least 50 percent more expensive than they were in 2021, milk is 35 percent more expensive, and many other staples are following suit.

Inflation hits unbanked and underbanked consumers the hardest

“We know many people struggle to make ends meet when the cost of groceries, energy and other essentials just keeps rising,” says Karina Aguinaga, lending representative for SAIL Loans. “But for families that find it difficult or impossible to get a loan from a traditional financial institution—and those who are unable to tap into a savings account—inflation can be especially devastating.

“That’s why everyone on my team at SAIL Loans is so excited about our savings and installment loan,” Karina continues. “It’s a way to help people get cash for their immediate needs, and a way to help them build savings so they’re better equipped for life’s emergencies.”

Cash for today, savings for tomorrow

With SAIL Loans’ savings and installment loan, Illinois consumers can build their savings and get funded for an installment loan up to $4,000 in three simple steps.

“Our application process is fast and easy,” says Karina, “and in many cases customers receive their cash the same day they apply, so they can immediately pay the bills that are most pressing.

“A portion of the loan amount goes directly into a secure savings account that grows and accrues interest as the customer makes installment payments on the loan,” she continues. “When the loan is repaid in full, the customer gets full access to their savings.

“They’re now in a much better financial situation,” Karina adds, “and can then continue on the path toward increased financial stability.”

Giving customers the chance to build a credit history

SAIL Loans also offers customers the option to have their payments automatically reported to one of the leading credit bureaus, which gives each customer the opportunity to build a credit history.

“That’s a great additional feature of our savings and installment loan,” notes Karina. “And it can be so valuable when our customers buy a car, rent an apartment or apply for a job.”

Online convenience and attentive customer service

Customers can apply for a savings and installment loan through the SAIL Loans website or by visiting one of the company’s many convenient Illinois locations.

“We love explaining the advantages of our loan to customers when they come into one of our stores,” says Karina. “And we love hearing back from them once they’ve paid off their loan and find themselves in a more secure situation, with savings that provide some welcome security.

“We can’t do much about the high cost of food and energy,” Karina concludes. “But we can help families move toward less budget stress and greater financial stability.”

About SAIL Loans

SAIL Loans, headquartered in suburban Chicago, gives Illinois consumers a simple, easy way to build savings and get funded for an installment loan of up to $4,000, both online and at 18 convenient locations across the state.

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