Outlook, Based On Extensive In-House Tech-driven Analysis of Multiple Data Points, Bodes Well For Rental Property Investors

BALTIMORE, MD, November 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — TREU, an innovator in providing technology driven Maryland rental management services, released its recent analysis of the States’ real estate market. The event, held via video conference, presented data points to a select group of invite-only rental property owners and investors.

In the words of CEO, Allan Meseroll, the conclusions were clear:

“Despite the tough times we’ve experienced recently, the data shows that there’s great optimism in the market, which augurs well for those of you that are either looking to enter the rental property market, or wish to expand rental real estate portfolios in areas like Baltimore. And, because of our wealth of local knowledge and experience, TREU can be your perfect rental management partner on the ground.”

The event used multiple data points to draw deep market insight. Walking event participants through the highlights of his presentation, Allan stressed why now is the perfect time for rental real estate investors to partner with TREU:

– Maryland’s typical home value is now approximately $376,000
– TREU’s analysis, based on research from investment banker Goldman Sacs, shows that medium national home value is up by over 20% compared to last year , Maryland’s values have risen by a healthy 14.4%
– The bright spot, for rental property investors is that, though there is a slight dip in rent growth, rents are still up by an average of $200 compared to last year
– With temporary rent-suppression measures expiring, even in cities like Baltimore, rents are poised to further rise

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dan Young noted that the methodology used to assimilate, tabulate, and analyze these multiple data points is unique to TRUE.

“It’s all done using the company’s in-house technology – a process embraced by just a few Maryland rental management companies have the ability to do.”

In his closing remarks, Allan reminded participants that only well-managed properties command the highest rents in any given region. And with Baltimore-based TREU, rental property investors, owners and landlords have one of the most trusted local rental management companies in Maryland they can rely on. Everything rental property owners need is under one roof – from premier property management to tenant solutions and investment.

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