Boca Raton, FL, March 06, 2018 –(– It’s not a secret that sugar is bad for your teeth. But sugar is not the only enemy of a healthy smile. While brushing twice daily and regular preventative visits to the dentist will help keep your oral health in check, the foods you choose to eat and those you avoid, contribute largely to the health of your teeth and gums.

On March 6th, National Dentist's Day, local dentists share the top foods that lead the charge in causing cavities as well as foods that help prevent them. Some may come as a surprise.

Top 5 Cavity Causing Foods:

Soda / Sports Drinks / Energy Drinks:

Numerous studies have shown the link between soft drinks and tooth decay. In addition to the high sugar content, these drinks are extremely acidic and eat away at the enamel of your teeth. These drinks will cause cavities and erode teeth over time.

Hard, sour, chewy – it doesn’t really matter what kind of candy. The amount of sugar and acid in candy will make your mouth a sweet place for bacteria to live and tooth decay to set in.

Dried Fruit:
It sounds healthy, but dried fruits are packed with sugar. Fresh is always best.

These are the most acidic citrus fruits. While they’re high in vitamins and have other health benefits, moderating them in your diet is better for your teeth.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but it won’t help you avoid the dentist. Apples are high in acid and hard on the enamel of teeth.

“What goes in your mouth absolutely matters to your overall health and wellness, and it starts with the first point of contact,” Sage Dentist Dr. Abigail Tubio said. “Good oral health does more than maintain a bright smile. Caring for your teeth, being mindful of the foods you eat, brushing and seeing a dentist regularly, helps to avoid greater health risks like cardiovascular disease, respiratory infections and diabetes.”

In addition to avoiding certain foods that cause cavities, there are a number of foods that actually help prevent them

Top 5 Cavity Preventing Foods


The calcium in cheese helps put minerals back in your teeth and hardens enamel. Eating cheese after a meal can help rid your mouth of acids left behind by other foods.

Brussels Sprouts:

High in Vitamin C, Brussels sprouts and other green leafy vegetables help maintain strong teeth and gums.


They don’t smell great on your breath but onions are a powerful bacteria killer.


According to the National Institutes of Health, most seafood contains fluoride.
Similar to fluoride in tap water, consuming fish (including shellfish) helps prevent tooth decay.

Green tea:

The leaves of the Camilla sinensis plant in tea has been linked to preventing tooth decay due to its anti-cavity properties, according to Kenyon College. (No sugar added). The compounds interact with plaque and destroy harmful bacteria.

“There are at least 34 to 72 different strains of bacteria in your mouth. While only a few cause cavities and gum disease, fighting those bacteria daily is crucial to your body’s overall health and wellness,” Dr. Tubio added.

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