Harriet Hunter’s award-winning, bestselling book became the first-place recipient of the coveted President’s Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Miracles features 365 powerful daily inspirations

WILMINGTON, NC, April 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Alcohol and drug addiction doesn’t just ruin the lives of the addicts involved, it destroys the lives of those around them as well. Neglected responsibilities and broken commitments are just the tip of the iceberg. Addiction is an emotional black hole that swallows everyone in its path. Family members and friends suffer helplessly, feeling anger and guilt, often experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. And that’s not even the worst part. Addiction can lead to criminal activities such as drug possession, theft, DUIs, and more, often resulting in legal trouble for the addict and shame for their loved ones. Day after day, addiction continues to ravage families, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Low self-esteem is likely a major factor in addiction of any kind. If low self-esteem is not directly the CAUSE, it can certainly be the RESULT, for those whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drug addiction.

Harriet Hunter, author of the bestselling book about addiction, ‘Miracles Of Recovery’, addresses this issue in a companion e-book titled, ‘Miracles Of Recovery: Self Care’. She recently had this to say in an article titled, ‘Self Care Is Not For Sissies’:

“Before recovery I always thought self-care was being selfish. Isn’t it selfish to think of myself first at times?

In recovery, we learn that the epitome of selfishness is what we did using and drinking without regard for our spouse, our families, our job and so on. Every single thought we had was central to our efforts to get what WE needed for our drugs of choice: Do I have enough for the weekend? Where did my dealer say he’d be this weekend? Did that prescription come through yet from my doctor? And how much booze do I need for the night, the weekend, to get me through what’s coming down the pike in front me.

“As a newcomer in recovery we rarely, if ever, felt deserving. In fact, many of us had no idea what deserving looked like or how to get to that deserving place. Often, we turned turn away from being gentle with ourselves with negative messages that say, “That’s silly!” “I don’t have the time for that.” Or “I don’t deserve that after what I’ve done!”

“But the truth of the matter is, without finding forgiveness for ourselves in recovery, nothing changes. And until we do, we keep repeating the same old messages of self-loathing and shame. How does that happen? Well, we can’t give away to others (no matter what we do or how hard we try) what we don’t ourselves have. We must first accept a truth about us that we are NOT what we did. We were and are, sick people getting better, but until we spot it, we ain’t got it!”

“It feels natural for us to take care of others. We know intuitively what they want or need and we’re there to provide it. With those we love and care for, we could be especially gentle and kind.”

“But what about us? When was the last time we treated ourselves with a kindness equal to what we give to those we love and care for? Some equate being gentle with ourselves with being deserving.

“Somehow, we always found time for others. And while notable on the surface, for us newly recovered it can be just another distraction, the good excuse necessary to not look within ourselves which is where the needed compassion resides. When we walked into recovery we never said, “Woow this is just what I’ve needed to find me, this is great.” We were a broken shell of a former-self: emotionally, physically and spiritually.

“Learning to be gentle with ourselves is a premeditated commitment, a personal declaration that says we are worthy of self-care. Nurturing must begin with that person looking back in the mirror if we are to have the inner resources necessary to give care to those we love, and to own the elevated self-esteem we seek deep within.

“Here are just a few suggestions, to begin where your feet are, to change your perspective with a bit of forgiveness and by honoring the person that you are. Don’t forget: like it or not you ARE a child of a loving Great Spirit of the Universe, whatever name you give Him or Her. And the truth of our existence is: if you were not supposed to be here right this minute, you wouldn’t be.

“If you are a major caregiver of your family, then your ability to set boundaries is paramount to your ability to continue to make money and support others. Be sure you take time out of your day (20 to 30 minutes each morning and afternoon/evening) for personal time: to rest, go outside and walk, call others, and focus on you. These suggestions are but a beginning, but we all start here.


“If you are HUNGRY, be sure to eat!

“If you are ANGRY, practice removing yourself from the situation and pray, journal, or speak with someone you trust about the situation.

“LONELINESS is a sign of depression, an indication that it may be time for you to make a change in your behavior. Make a list of things you can do to prevent loneliness and try engaging more with others.

“TIRED? Then stop what you’re doing when you need to be sleeping more. Stop trying to be-all and do-all when these Big Four go by the wayside. We are ineffective to ourselves and others when we don’t pay attention to what it is we need first. Everything and everyone follows after our own self-care when we begin to develop a ritual of care (balance) that works for us.”

The e-book version of ‘Self Care, Building Self-Esteem Among The Chaos’ is available at https://harriethunter.org/product/self-care-download-epub-version/.

While there are many treatment approaches and programs, what is common to successful individuals who find themselves within a substance abuse program is the shared pain and the loneliness, often with an ongoing support system for the person battling the disease. That support system is what Harriet Hunter offers in “Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith.”

Hunter continues to receive rave reviews for her work from readers and reviewers alike. Vernita Taylor of Readers Favorite stated, “Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage, and Faith by Harriet Hunter is a great choice if you’re struggling with addiction because it offers a full year of inspiration and affirmations which I enjoyed. I see this book as a mentor or sponsor that is walking by your side and helping to lead you to a better, more improved you while teaching you how to deal with your stressors. The best teacher is someone who has been there and done that, and this book doesn’t disappoint. The author knows first-hand what it takes and how it feels to be addicted. If you need help along your journey, pick up a copy of this book; it’s highly recommended.”

Melanie Barton Bragg, Licensed Holistic Psychotherapist said, “Harriet shares her journey of grief, loss, and eventually arriving at a place of peace. We are privileged to have an inside look at how she has and is recovering. This daily meditation guide provides thought-provoking ideas to meditate on throughout the day and has been useful as discussion starters in my therapy groups. The usual 12-step daily meditation books have been in print for decades. This book is a refreshing addition to the standard recovery tools.”

Anthony Capozzolli of Dismantled Life Podcast said, “Miracles of Recovery has been a feast for my recovering soul. Every page is filled with love and helpful insights that lead to discovery. I read each page by date and randomly turn to other pages for an additional spiritual hug when I need one. It’s almost as if Harriet wrote her wonderful book for me. Page after page hits so close to home I often tear up from positive awareness and clarity of emotion.” Readers can find more 5-Star reviews from others on Amazon.

Miracles of Recovery received the first place President’s Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

Since her walk into recovery in 1999, Harriet has had one primary purpose: to show others how they can find hope and achieve their miracles while staying sober with a vision and determination to never go backwards, one day at a time.

Using her experience strength and hope, Harriet strives to be a conduit of hope and encouragement to others in their addictions, by showing them what continues to work for others. With practical tools, principles and promises as found in A.A., and other 12-step programs, she mirrors examples of how anyone can be free from the bondage of self, regardless of their situation.

With each purchase of a personalized autograph copy of Miracles of Recovery from her website, Hunter provides a no-charge copy of her e-book, “Your Daily Reprieve; How To Maintain Long-Term Sobriety Serenely Just For Today” in PDF format.

Details are available at her website at https://harriethunter.org/product/miracles-of-recovery-autographed-paperback-2/. All of her books are available at Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Harriet-Hunter/e/B07JR632FX?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1668523622&sr=8-1

Harriet Hunter is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be contacted using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information, including a journaling course, no-charge audios, e-books, handouts and other gifts can be found by visiting https://www.harriethunter.org.

About Harriet Hunter:

With over 23 years of sobriety, Harriet has worked with hundreds of women who suffer with alcoholism and drug addiction to help them find peace in active sobriety, and sponsors women both face-to-face and online. Readers can find her in the global recovery site, Intherooms.com, where she’s been given her own room and brings Miracles to life each Thursday at 11:00 A.M. EST.

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