Shieldon knives are renowned as sturdy outdoor companions and the newly launched Shieldon Barraskewda lives up to this in spades.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, April 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Right from its resilient metal body to its sleek finishes, you can tell that it is a knife designed to outperform your expectations no matter the situation.

That sounds like high praise, doesn’t it? Well, then let’s back up all that talk with some facts and details.

This knife comes in compact packaging with Shieldon branding. Inside the box, you will find a belt loop with velcro closure and the Barraskewda knife neatly tucked inside it.

The belt loop makes it easy to carry the knife along safely during your expeditions. However, if you prefer to live on the edge, the knife also comes with a pocket clip that you can use to secure it along the seam of your pocket. Be sure to use the frame lock though as it keeps the knife from inadvertently flipping open.

The Shieldon Barraskewda is a sizable foldable knife and weighs about 131 grams. As such, you are likely to enjoy it if you prefer slightly hefty custom pocket knives that you can still handle with ease.

The folding system is supported by a ceramic ball-bearing flipper which is quite outstanding. It unfolds the knife in a smooth swift motion instead of the typical design where the blade seems to jerk out. In the long term, this controlled force prevents your foldable knife from depreciating faster than it should.

The handle of the knife is made of 3Cr14 and carbon. It has a titanium finish and is available in black and grey. The coating is not overly textured but it offers a nice firm grip as you wield the knife. Plus, despite being fully made of metal, the shape, thumb indent, and the strategic positioning of the screws all keep your hand comfortable even during long durations of handling.

The D2 blade is slightly thicker than what you may find on most pocket knives. Nevertheless, it has a reverse Tanto point and an HRC between 58 and 60. If you are not very fluent in knife jargon these are only technical terms to say: the Shieldon Barraskewda has a high-standard blade that is both remarkably sharp and durable.

The Barraskewda blade has a titanium-based coating that protects it against corrosion. So, whether you will be slicing vegetables, cutting fishing cords, or chopping up bits of wood, this blade will not let you down.

As with most things, different people prefer different features in knives and Shieldon takes this in its stride. Subsequently, you can order custom logo pocket knives in this same incredible Barraskewda design or even request custom materials or color options. Shieldon’s expertise opens your world up to endless possibilities.

With over 23 years of experience in knife-making, Shieldon is fully capable and equipped to customize any of these EDC fixed blade knives for ODM projects. Our manufacturing expertise is also well-honed and would be of great value in OEM.

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