PCY will be launching its highly anticipated virtual home décor exhibition on October 8.

FUZHOU, CHINA, August 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — PCY will be launching its highly anticipated virtual home décor exhibition on October 8. This virtual exhibit will make an abundance of innovative products and suppliers from China accessible at the click of a button. Long-time China expos like the Canton Fair and Jinhan Fair have raced to bring their platforms online to a mixed reception as they struggle to find the appropriate technologies and onboard exhibitors.

This virtual exhibition was created with the intent of introducing users to established and reputable factories that have a proven track record of producing high-quality products. PCY Online makes this possible by allowing users to view over 30,000 items being showcased in over 100 virtual rooms; completely immersed in the expo and navigated similarly to Google Street View.

PCY Founder, Leo Zhang has emphasized the utilities and functionality available stating: “We are especially proud of the integrated communication, RFQ, and custom design functionalities. PCY is not just an expo “gone virtual”; it is a sourcing and purchasing solution that meets modern needs.”

Adding prestige to this exclusive event is the participation of 36 industry-leading home décor factories, such as Minxing, IVYDECO, and Hopewell, who will be offering products not shown at any other fair or expo. This makes PCY Online a must-attend digital showcase for any business or customer who wants to stay on top of their competition and the latest trends.

A staggering amount of groundwork and preparation was undertaken to make this virtual exhibit a reality. Zhang recalled that: “…the task of processing 1000s of products was huge. This project has been many years in the making and we have overcome many challenges.”

Early reception has been very favorable. A beta tester praised the team at PCY saying “This is how we imagined the Online Jinhan Fair or Online Canton fair would be last year. [It has] very easy handling in the 3D showroom and as a customer, you directly get a good overview of [the exhibitor’s] products. Really great! I’ve shared this with the rest of my creative department so that they can look around and select some products.”

Fortunately, the culmination of this hard work comes at a very good time. With the holiday season fast approaching, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic persisting, the demand for access to Chinese manufacturers is at an all-time high.

Business owners have been unable to make the necessary trips to secure inventory or choose new items to sell due to the stringent international travel restrictions still in place globally. PCY solves this problem by leveraging the expertise of the attending exhibitors and specially adapted web technologies to bring the expo experience to retailers worldwide.

This online exhibition is sure to satisfy many visitors with its exclusive range of products and a direct line to cost-effective Chinese manufacturers. Connecting with new suppliers, increasing profit margins for products categories, and receiving quick quotes on desired items are just a few of the attractive features on offer from PCY.

For more information go to pcy-online.com for updates and news. VIP visitor registration is now open.

PCY Network Technologies hosts an Online Expo to help manufacturers and retailers connect despite global health concerns using 3D imaging technology. The programming department has worked closely with leading design and manufacturing companies to make an immersive expo environment that also makes international trade easier and more efficient. Being recognized by local governments as a leading tech company, PCY continues to improve the expo experience.

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