The partnership between LifeBiotic and Golden Flower will further strengthen the availability of evidence based botanical supplements to practitioners and patients in the United States.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, November 03, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — LifeBiotic today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Golden Flower Chinese Herbs to be a distributor of LifeBiotic’s groundbreaking botanical supplements to the United States.

Lifebiotic is a manufacturer of the scientifically researched botanical supplements Protectival and Tonix-R. LifeBiotic sets themselves apart by performing rigorous scientific research on their line of supplements. Research has been conducted for over 15 years in 7 hospitals and universities on the efficacy of Protectival, its flagship botanical supplement.

Protectival and Tonix-R have been subjected to vigorous scientific analysis at major research hospitals in the United States, Europe and Israel. The formulations have been evaluated through preclinical and clinical trials, using randomized and double-blind protocols, making them some of the most comprehensive scientific studies ever conducted on the effect of botanical formulas on cellular health, the immune system and quality of life improvement.

The company has operated in Europe for the last 7 years, opening earlier this year a new production line in the US, making its products available in the US under all cGMP regulations & FDA guidelines for supplements.
Golden Flower is the leading manufacturer and distributor of herbal products & equipment to the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner market. Their reputation in the Chinese Medicine industry in the United States is renowned for their top quality botanical supplements and dedication to bringing the most effective herbal medicine to their customers.

“We are thrilled to work with Golden Flower,” said Gai Havkin, CEO of LifeBiotic. “They are leaders in TCM and are known for providing the pinnacle of quality herbal supplements to practitioners and patients in the US. Protectival is the most rigorously researched formula in TCM available today. We are proud to announce its availability through Golden Flower.”

John Scott, DOM, President of Golden Flower Chinese Herbs remarked, “I have been following the work of LifeBiotic for a number of years.The work that they have done in research in botanical supplements in hospital settings is very impressive. Their dedication to the use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs in the most challenging health issues is deep and profound. We are pleased to work with them making this work more widely known and accepted.”

The partnership between LifeBiotic and Golden Flower Chinese Herbs will further strengthen the availability of evidence based botanical supplements to practitioners and patients in the United States.

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The groundbreaking research behind Protectival can be found on the educational website

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LifeBiotic Medical Research is founded on world-class expertise with the mission to bridge the gap between nature and science.

The company develops ground breaking evidence based products made of highly concentrated bio-active botanicals. Our products have been studied in extensive research for effectiveness and safety and are manufactured according to the highest quality standards.

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