Have you ever experience the sorrow feeling when you buy something online, and realize that it doesn’t really suit you? Ever wished to have a friend that is an expert in everything?

Well, sadly not everyone has that kind of luxury to have a know-it-all friend that can give you the best advice on everything you purchase. And very often, e-commerce provides over-rated reviews of a product, which you can never seem to trust. Fret not as I have the perfect solution for your worries!

I usually spend my Sunday mornings, together with a bunch of passionate soccer enthusiast, playing soccer. Despite being extreme soccer fans, we spend most of our time chatting about the teams we support, and rarely about the equipment that we use. It did not occur to me that one day, I too, required advice on soccer gears.

During my weekly soccer match with my friends, the sole of my boots gave way, at the moment when I was about to score the winning goal. I tripped, rolled over a few times, while the ball spun harmlessly out for a goal kick. To my disappointment, the referee blew the whistle before I had the chance to redeem myself.

Frustrated, I limped back to the bench, where my friends had gathered, while holding the fallen sole in my hands. We had a good laughed about the incident before heading back home. Despite attempting various ways to mend my boots, my efforts to revive it was in vain.

Thus, I decided that it was time for me to get a new pair of kicks. Being a novice in soccer boots, I began scrolling through the web for recommendations. However, I was astounded to find only a handful of genuine reviews, as most of the websites seemed very commercialized. Even though website such as Lazada and Qoo10 has short descript on products, the social element of user experience is missing. See the reviews I found on Lazada and Qoo10

That is when I chanced upon Superble. It claims to share genuine reviews and recommendations about the products. And after skimming through the home page, I decided to try them out. After subscribing, I found several pairs of boots that interested me. Subsequently, I read through the comments and made up my mind to purchase the Adidas Predator Instinct.

“How was I able to make up my mind so quickly?” you might ask. Well, the user gave a very well rounded experience with the boots. And when I invited him to chat to clear my inquiries, he replied almost instantly. He began by explaining to me the pros of the shoes before weighing in the cons. After much discussion, I decided that it was the right pair of boots for me. I thanked him, before giving him points for his honest opinion.

Out of curiosity, I started posting everyday products that I have been using, such as my phone, laptop, bag, etc. Amazingly, I began receiving points, and users started asking me questions about the products. Within two weeks, I was able to cash out $25 (250 points).

Through Superble, I was able to win money, at the same time, aid other users with information about products that they are unfamiliar. The sense of accomplishment I get when users purchase the products I recommend is irreplaceable. Superble provides social recommendations, which in turns leads to a genuine review.

https://superble.com/ to me is like Instagram, but for products. I strongly urge you to check them out!

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