Fort Worth-based entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon, who at the age of 17 became homeless, shares how his love for Robert Graham clothing continues to enable him to make meaningful connections

FORT WORTH, TX, May 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — For most people, ending up homeless and with less than $2,000 in pocket before they have even finished their senior year in school can paint a bleak picture as far as their future is concerned.

Ron Sturgeon was not one of them. As he likes to say, “Life gave me lemons, so I decided to build a lemonade stand.” He is not far off the mark when he says that. Today, Ron is a multimillionaire with his fingers in a lot of pies including commercial real estate and business consultancy.

Ron also runs a Facebook group, Robert Graham Clothing Collectors, for people like him who live and breathe Robert Graham clothing and accessories.

In true Ron fashion, when he saw how difficult it was for the brand’s fans to find the clothing items they wanted without having to pay hefty commissions to 3rd party websites, he took matters in his own hands.

Today, the public Facebook group has more than 1,700 members who are free to sell and buy RG shirts in a setting that is personal, comfortable, and whole lot of fun.

Ron recently shared a picture, looking dapper in a limited edition Robert Graham camo jacket that had the members asking where he got it. “The brand created only 200 of these jackets for Brad Paisley for the CMA awards in 2011. A friend of mine got his hands on one, and I desperately wanted it, but he wasn’t ready to part with it. Then a year later his kid wanted a Ferrari for his prom night, and you can guess what I traded for the jacket,” he says.

Now Ron almost exclusively wears Robert Graham – he buys about 100 of their shirts every year!

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