Canadian YouTuber & Rapper Jay-Brew is sending a grim message to a Californian Politician and the rest of the United States.

YORK LANDING, MB, August 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — After being diagnosed with depression in ’18, Jay-Brew was dumped by the mother of his child. He then ended up living in a hostel and eventually his car because he was addicted to alcohol while taking antidepressants. He says he became extremely suicidal when he was in that state and anyone could have coaxed him into becoming a mass murderer. He sends his message to a Californian politician who was on the news a few months ago asking “what’s wrong with us?” while specifically talking about Americans. He is talking about Governor Newsom.

“This video is my documented proof that people become radical when extremely suicidal” is the first text you see underneath a video that is being sent to a Californian politician. After Jay-Brew describes what it’s like to walk on the other side. He then goes on to point out that the flaw within America is their 2nd world health care system within the “#1 place on the planet”. He points out no health care means no mental health care.

“Imagine living in the best place on the planet but you hate it. For various reasons you become very depressed. You become the variable. With a limited amount of time and access to a whole lotta guns. It’s very obvious Mr Politician.” – roamin AKA Jay-Brew

The other text attached with the video mentions his short series he is calling “The Anxiety Chronicles”. If you go on to watch the videos you get to realize pretty quickly he has not had an easy life. At the age of 19 he had 21 “homes” and that’s why he calls himself “roamin”. It’s quite obvious this man has his eyesights on making big changes. – Actual Video of Jay-Brew – Governor Newsom

Jay-Brew is a rapper and producer at “roamin AKA Jay-Brew” which is his registered business in Manitoba.

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