Everybody knows just how popular football is around the world, and in Southeast Asia this is no different. Fanatics are always seen sporting their favourite English Premier League kits – with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United colours taking the region by storm. Despite matches taking place late at night or even sometimes in the early hours of the following day, fans are fans, and they will do whatever it takes to catch their team’s upcoming match.

Online football streaming has grown a lot over the past few years, with a variety of media broadcasters shifting from traditional means and embracing the power of the internet. Companies such as beIN Sports, who recently released their online sports streaming platform, beIN Sports Connect, are beginning to attract large audiences thanks to their user-oriented application. This is no longer an industry masked by rouge websites, but a way to give the best quality football content to a region that lives and breathe football on a daily basis.

The Superiority of the Football Streaming Model

With official online streaming applications such as be IN Sports Connect at your disposal, gone are the days in which you have to own a cable box in order to enjoy the next Manchester United versus Liverpool game. The online football streaming model takes into the account that as long as you have internet access, for a reasonable fee, you will be able to watch leagues such as the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, or even the popular UEFA Champions League through any device, from mobile phones to Smart TVs.

Gone are the days in which you have 1000 channels at your disposal, paying high rates, but end up only watching the 4 channels showing football. With the introduction of online streaming applications, you can now choose exactly what you want and pay for just that. There is no more need to pay those high monthly subscription fees which tie you down with a contract for at least one year. For just about every football fan, the worse time is during the off-season, when top-notch competitive matches are hard to come by, so why get stuck without any football and extra bills?

Using beIN Sports Connect completely eliminates the need to commit to any sort of long term contract, giving you freedom to not spend anything during the off-season. Once the break is over, you can begin planning again how you wish to stream football online and make payments according to your liking. Apart from just the attractive price points, these services offer perks such as live replay and rewinding capabilities, benefits that are almost never seen with traditional broadcasters.

Rising Popularity and Fan-base

Football within Southeast Asia has been growing at a very rapid rate over the course of the past few years, and this is especially down to the popularity of Asia’s three biggest football leagues, Korea’s K-League 1, Japan’s J1 League, and of course the booming Chinese Super League. The emergence of these leagues has now created a major stepping stone for South East Asian players hoping to make it at the highest level. We are now beginning to see players from Thailand make a move to major Asian leagues as they hope to follow in the footsteps of other Asian players who are plying their trade in Europe’s biggest leagues.

As the passion for football in the region increases, so too does the popularity of the sport as a whole. Given that more people are gaining interest, applications such as beIN Sports Connect are becoming the perfect tool to bridge the gap between supply and demand. This is the perfect choice for people that are only focused on their team of choice. A Liverpool fan paying to watch Manchester United might not go too popular, so purchasing their preferred time slot for content is the answer to all their problems. This choice made available to them will directly influence the consumer’s decision to choose online football streaming over traditional cable distributors the majority of the time, if not always.

Online Streaming Technology in Overdrive

With the massive rise in alternative methods to watch football, people can now enjoy the sport in complete HD. Thanks to technology, online football streaming is no longer a website with annoying pop-ups and advertisements, but a straight up alternative to cable TV.

We’ve seen people having to leave their homes and watch football at sports bar or restaurants because access to quality footballing channels is getting pricier by the year. However, with fully functional applications that offer football streaming, everyone can now create their unique environment in order to immerse themselves in the world of football according to their liking.

As the competition for market share in the sector of online football streaming goes into overdrive, every service provider will be forced to up their offerings. With the help of constantly changing technological advances, companies like beIN Sports and their streaming application, beIN Sports Connect, will also have to adapt. Given their ability to offer HD quality content, short-term payment packages, playback capabilities, and cross platform sharing, they are fully embracing their journey to become one of Asia’s leading football streaming services.

Online Streaming Across the Region

Due to the on-demand services offered by online football streaming services, paired with the massive rise of football fans in the region of Southeast Asia and the increasing popularity of football leagues based on Asia, applications such as beIN Sport Connect are beginning to take over an industry that is usually run by sole operators. With streaming technology getting better and better by the month, we are looking forward the seeing it topple the control previously had by cable broadcasters.

The future is extremely bright for online football streaming in Southeast Asia. With streaming services already a big hit in foreign countries, the competition is heating up. We can already see how mobile devices are a major part of society in this region, so paired with streaming technology; the possibilities are almost limitless, driven mainly by convenience. In no time at all, these applications will be able to give just about everybody unlimited access to the best football leagues in the world, no matter where you are. All the points which have been covered here are already adding to the fact that football streaming is indeed conquering this part of the region. So, if you and your friends for example are hoping to watch football while relaxing on the beach, the time has come for you to switch to online football streaming now.