The leader in 3D to 2D flattening and digital patterning, partners with the innovative developers of 3D bonding tools for the textile industry.

TORONTO, ON, July 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — ExactFlat, the leader in 3D to 2D flattening software, today announced plans for a development and marketing agreement with Simplicity Works. The latest in a series of partnerships, this new solution targets the two most labor-intensive phases of the soft goods design-to-fabrication workflow by:
• Automating pattern making processes, and
• Eliminating manual sewing tasks.

The 3D bonding process makes overlapping seams obsolete. This ensures a stronger resulting product or garment with less chance of separation at the seams. Removing the overlap also reduces the material requirements and improves comfort.

Innovating the processes
“We are delighted to be working with Simplicity Works as they have a clear vision for the future of automated manufacturing in the fashion and textiles industry, and a strong commitment to driving change,” said Eaton Donald, CEO of ExactFlat. “Workflow innovation continues to inspire us as our clients are constantly looking to find new ways to reduce production costs, increase design flexibility and shorten delivery cycle times. Our vision is to eliminate manual tasks throughout the process and we will continue to aggressively partner with other industry leaders to make that a reality.”

3D Bonding technology, developed by Simplicity Works, simplifies the manufacture of Soft Goods such as footwear. It works as an injection process that bonds multiple pattern piece and materials together in a few seconds, ensuring a stable and seamless product and eliminating manual sewing.

“With 3D BONDING, we have delivered a novel solution for manufacturing of all types of products including leather footwear, technical apparel, furniture and seating,” states Fernando Nicolás García, Innovation Officer at Simplicity Works. “Our technology eliminates the need of complex stitching operations, reduces manual labor by as much as 70%, and improves the mechanical performance of the products.”

After several years of testing and development, the companies are now ready to engage manufacturers beyond the initial beta test group. To learn more please contact Mark Jewell CTO of ExactFlat ([email protected]) or Fernando García ([email protected])

About ExactFlat. (
For designers, engineers, and pattern makers in all industries, ExactFlat( is the most accurate 3D to 2D pattern making software for textiles. Digital Patterning is up to 16x faster than manual methods. All ExactFlat solutions utilize proprietary Digital Fabric Simulation algorithms for superior accuracy. ExactFlat Monarch, the most recent addition to the portfolio, adds UV mapping and texture rendering to the workflow. It uses the first ever Digital Fabric to Graphic Simulation (DFGS) to create flat patterns with images perfectly applied and ready-to-produce via digital textile printers and cutters.

About Adrián Hernández – founder of Simplicity Works (
After working in the shoe industry for many years and seeing the impact that the mostly manual manufacturing processes had on productivity and the work force, Adrián Hernández started to explore ways to change and simplify the traditional systems. He came up with the idea of joining the product pieces three-dimensionally thus removing the large amount of time and cost associated to the sewing and forming operations. Adrian created Simplicity Works in 2011 with the aim of converting his initial idea into a reality.removing the large need of manual labour associated to the sewing and preforming operations. In a hurry, Adrian wrote the description of the process and started with the patent presentation. Then, Adrian created Simplicity Works in 2011 with the aim of converting his initial idea into a reality.

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