The Neo2 Software is the latest offering in the binary options trading systems, however with a lot of innovations and additions to the way binary trading was previously carried out.

It follows an entirely different pattern from its competitors and has developed an altogether new trading bot instead of relying on most of the common trading algorithms.


Neo2 Software team had only two goals in mind while developing their new algorithm, one to create an effective and accurate software for financial market trading and the other to develop a web-based extremely user-friendly bot. And after using the software for trading for quite some time before this review, we can say this with full assertion that they’ve succeeded in both.

The inclusion of a weather prediction functionality for the future asset prices is simply a masterpiece. We suggest that everyone who is sick of being misled by scamming binary trading services should definitely try out NeO2 Software at least once.

 The NeO2 auto trading app was designed by a core group of 4 brilliant individuals over a period of several months of analysing and testing innovative ways of binary trading.

Thanks to them, the software is not only garnering huge profits, but is also very user friendly, even for a first time trader. Operating at a near zero latency, we never faced any lag in processing data and number crunching in all the times that we used it.

The NeO2 Auto trading i.e. has effectively integrated the Solar Trading as well as the Weather Forecasting along with the trading algorithm, a feat unheard of in investment and trading circles.

The prices and sales of commodities are hugely dependent on the weather as well as some environmental factors. What ne02 investment app does is that it monitors the Solar, Weather and the other pertinent Environmental factors in order to identify and detect emerging or future trends of these underlying commodities including their possible cost and price fluctuations.

In case of most other automated systems which are usually a piece of scam perpetrated on the traders, the users receive random and baseless signals which has no background of a thorough technical analysis. However, while using the neo2 squared software or app, all the functionalities are clearly visible in the control panel with detailed explanations alongside them.

The neo2 Squared Sync button activates the Solar Tracker while the Trade Algo Button facilitates the auto pilot mode. All the user has to do is click on the “Start Now” button to begin with the Auto Pilot mode.

Many other binary trading sites use the Fiverr scam actors for their reviews posing as genuine users sharing their “great” experiences. But on the neo2 project, we witnessed no such thing, rather all the widgets and elements that you encounter are totally functional and genuine without any traps or manipulations.

After rigorous testing of the neo2 Auto Trader, we can assertively recommend it to all the regular and experienced as well as the novice traders looking for an automated system to trade in binary trading options. The concept that they have perfected is extremely fascinating and top of class.

Coming to the claims made by regarding the guaranteed average profit that a user trading with them will make, they have pegged it to be $3,500 per week. Upon our usage continuously for some weeks, surprisingly we found that this claim of theirs also holds up to scrutiny.

The last word whether a product is good or not always belongs to the user, in this case, the trader. However, we can assure that all the traders using the neo2 trading app will have the time of their lifetime with the newly built trading bot. The entire idea behind the new algorithm was to minimise the possibility of losing an investment to its lowest probability.