The FlyerFunds Rebate system offers a streamlined approach, making it easier for Canadians to receive cash back when applying for financial products.

VANCOUVER, BC, December 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Frugal Flyer, one of the top financial product rebate sites in Canada, is excited to announce a new and improved IT system to handle cash back rebates (‘FlyerFunds’) on credit cards and bank accounts in Canada.

Under the new system, which includes both backend and frontend updates, customers will experience a smoother flow from selecting an offer on to applying on the institution’s website. After applying, customers will receive an email confirmation that links to a status page for their application. This page makes it easy for customers to monitor the status of the cash back rebate on their financial product application. Another change: cash back rebates will be paid via PayPal. For more information on the new rebate system, click here.

“Building a smoother experience for our customers is top of mind.” says Director, Hugh Campbell. “Our new rebate platform will streamline the cash back rebate experience across all financial institutions in Canada and allow us to get earned cash back in customer’s wallets as soon as possible.”

The Frugal Flyer Rebate program continues to grow and is anticipated to add more credit card and bank account rebate offers in the near future.

An overview of all currently available financial product rebates can be found here.

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