Get Ready to Set Sail with Tim ‘The Windstar Expert’ Fomin as He Shares Insider Tips on Booking with CLUB CRUISE (TM) partner Windstar Cruises!

SACRAMENTO, CA, March 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Timothy Fomin, Vice President of Sales at CLUB CRUISE, partnering up with Windstar Cruises. As one of the most sought-after luxury cruise travel experts, Fomin invites you to embark on a journey of a lifetime as CLUB CRUISE partners with Windstar Cruises. He has established himself as a true force in the world of luxury cruise travel, with exceptional knowledge, a commitment to providing the best possible customer service, and a passion for the industry.

Tim’s recent sailing record is a testament to his deep understanding and extensive knowledge of the Windstar Cruises product. Over the last two years, he has traversed four different Windstar itineraries, including voyages to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal, Tahiti in the French Polynesia, Greece and the Holyland, and the Caribbean. His experiences on these voyages have allowed him to develop a unique perspective on the intricacies of each destination, as well as the specific challenges and opportunities presented by each Windstar vessel. This level of experience and insight simply cannot be matched by many other travel agents, who may lack the first-hand knowledge and expertise that Tim has acquired through his extensive travels with Windstar. As a result, clients who work with Tim can rest assured that they are receiving the highest level of advice and guidance when planning their own Windstar voyages, benefitting from his wealth of expertise and real-world insights.

Last year, while sailing with Windstar Cruises, I had the privilege of knowing Windstar added a port call in Monaco during the Grand Prix race event. It was amazing knowing guests were able to watch the race from the ship and have access to all of the race festivities. As a seasoned cruiser, I can say that this was one of the most unique and exciting experiences a guest can enjoy. Windstar’s ability to add unique ports like this is a testament to their commitment to providing their guests with unforgettable experiences. It’s one of the many reasons why I always recommend Windstar to my clients looking for an ultra-luxury cruising adventure experience.

Most of Club Cruise and Tim’s clients typically spend $25,000 or more, up to $50,000, on their dream trips. However, for those who are truly looking to indulge, we also offer exclusive private jet trips with Abercrombie & Kent that can cost up to $150,000 per person. While these prices may seem exorbitant to some, Tim believes that travel is one of the most rewarding investments one can make. He notes that in the past, his parents’ and grandparents’ generations used to buy second homes as a way to invest in their future, but that today’s travelers are choosing to invest in experiences that they will remember for a lifetime.

“Booking a luxury Windstar cruise is a special experience,” says Tim. “The first step is to choose the right season to travel in. If you have exact dates in mind, it’s best to book early, but be flexible as well. The next step is to choose one or two destinations of your choice and have a rough idea of the type of experience you’re trying to celebrate. Whether it’s a super celebration or just a much-needed vacation, Windstar Cruises offers the perfect luxury escape.”

Windstar Cruises offers a completely unique and refreshing cruising experience that is 180 degrees from ordinary. Unlike traditional mega-ships that carry thousands of passengers, Windstar’s yachts are small and intimate, accommodating only a few hundred guests. This allows for a more personalized and relaxed atmosphere where guests can truly unwind and enjoy their vacation. Windstar also offers a variety of unique itineraries, including visits to small ports and hidden harbors that larger ships can’t access.

As a leader in the luxury travel industry, Tim Fomin recognizes that Windstar is the perfect choice for the new generation of travelers who are looking for unique and authentic experiences. In fact, he is actively soliciting influencers to bring their followers onboard Windstar and experience the luxury and adventure for themselves. With a focus on sustainability and responsible travel, Windstar is committed to preserving the environment and cultures of the destinations they visit. From the ship’s design to the locally sourced cuisine, every aspect of the Windstar experience is carefully crafted to ensure a one-of-a-kind journey.

“Hey, Taylor Swift and Kardashians, if you’re listening, I’ve got the ultimate suggestion for your next social media post: charter a Windstar voyage for your followers and show them what it means to truly sail in style.

Did you know that Windstar’s yachts are designed for perfect charters as they make you feel like you’re sailing on your own private yacht? With a capacity of just 148 to 342 guests, personalized service, and a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll feel like a VIP from the moment you step onboard.” – says ultraluxury cruise expert, Jef Huber, President of Club Cruise. So, I would not be the least surprised if Tim landed a boat full of followers for an A-List Influencer.

Jef Huber, President and CEO of World Wide Halo, Inc., dba as CLUB CRUISE an owner of diverse travel organization entities and operates the luxury membership agency Club Cruise, sees Windstar as the go-to for charters. Jef Huber, 1991 founder of Club Cruise, is also a special Travel Agent and Cruise Consultant for various fortune 500 companies looking for advice and insight into the cruise travel industry and its future growth. He is a respected industry leader, known for his extensive knowledge of the cruise industry and his ability to predict future trends. He finds the industry’s direction looks bright and promising for the new upcoming generation, agents like Tim Fomin, who have an invested interest in the future of cruise travel planning with their desire for experiences and using the social media technology side of marketing to reach new prospects.

Windstar Cruises highly recommends booking a luxury cruise with a travel agent. Tim and the team at Club Cruise partners by helping high-net-worth clients for over 31 years and can help travelers find the best itinerary, stateroom, and suite, as well as help with pre- and post-cruise arrangements, such as flights, hotels, and tours. “Working with a travel agent not only takes the stress out of the booking process, but it also ensures that travelers get the best value for their money and the ultimate experience,” says Tim.

When it comes to planning a luxury cruise, it can be tempting to do it alone and try to navigate the process on your own. However, this can be a dangerous and complicated path to take, especially if you don’t have the experience and expertise of a trusted cruise company and cruise expert agent to guide you. There are countless complications and pitfalls that can arise throughout the booking process, and without the proper guidance, you may find yourself facing unexpected fees, hidden charges, and a host of other complications that can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

By working with a trusted cruise company and cruise expert agent, you can rest assured that you have an experienced partner by your side to help you navigate the complex process of booking a luxury cruise. They can help you identify the right itinerary, select the best stateroom or suite, and even help you find the best deals and promotions to make your vacation more affordable. Additionally, they can help you stay on top of important deadlines and ensure that your booking is handled properly, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises down the line.

Fomin has established himself as a trusted authority in the travel industry, sought out by clients looking for a professional with the next generation of technology and know-how. His vast knowledge and experience in the travel industry have made him a valuable asset for many clients looking for a comprehensive approach to their vacation planning. Fomin’s expertise goes beyond simply booking travel arrangements. He is passionate about staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in the travel industry, and his insights are frequently sought out by the media on cruise and travel-related topics. In addition, he is working on “Hosting, The Travel Agency Show,” a YouTube platform that provides invaluable information for the travel enthusiast. As a result, Fomin is a go-to source for anyone looking to have an exceptional vacation experience.

If you’re currently booked directly with Windstar, it’s not too late to get the help you need to make the most of your luxury cruise experience. In fact, we offer many free services and extra benefits to Windstar passengers who have not yet made their final payment. And even if you recently booked your cruise directly with Windstar, it’s worth giving us a call to see the difference we can make in helping you plan the perfect luxury cruise vacation. With our expertise and insider knowledge, we can help you avoid common pitfalls and get the most out of your Windstar cruise, ensuring that your dream vacation becomes a reality.

As a Cruise Line Specialist, Club Cruise partners with Windstar Cruise, SeaDream Yachts, Celebrity Cruise, Silversea, Seaborn, Viking River, Viking Ocean Cruises and most luxury cruise brands. Tim shares his tips on how to book the ultimate luxury cruise experience. Here are four key pieces of advice from Tim:

1. Choose Your Season: When booking a luxury cruise, Tim suggests first considering the season you would like to travel in. If you have exact dates in mind, it’s best to be flexible, as peak season is often the most popular time to travel.
2. Pick Your Destination: Choose one or two destinations that appeal to you the most. Tim suggests researching the different ports and activities offered in each destination to make the most of your trip.
3. Know Your Experience: Have a rough idea of the type of experience you’re trying to celebrate, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family vacation. Tim says to think about what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for and what activities and amenities you want to enjoy.
4. Be Flexible with Your Budget: While it’s important to have a rough idea of your budget, don’t be too rigid. Tim says that by being flexible, travelers can often find great deals and get the most out of their cruise experience.

Booking a cruise directly with the cruise line may seem like a straightforward and cost-effective option, but it can come with several pitfalls. Without an agent to represent you, you may miss out on valuable perks and benefits that could have been negotiated on your behalf. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong during the booking process or while on the cruise, you’ll be left to deal with it on your own. Having a travel agent on your side means you have an advocate who can help you navigate any issues that arise, from cancelled flights to lost luggage. Don’t make the mistake of booking a cruise without representation. Plus many times an agent’s services are Free as the cruise lines pay them referral commissions, so it can save you countless headaches and ensure that your vacation goes smoothly. So before you book that next cruise, consider the value of having a knowledgeable and experienced travel agent in your corner.

For those who want to plan and book their Windstar cruise early, Tim and the team at Club Cruise are available to assist with all of your travel needs. Club Cruise is a full-service travel agency based in Lincoln, CA, with over 31 years of experience and a reputation as a top producer in the luxury cruise market. Club Cruise is a registered (CLIA) partner for the nation’s leading luxury cruise companies.

“Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Tim Fomin and Club Cruise, your ultimate source for Windstar Cruises, Princess Cruises, and Viking Cruise travel. Call today to see if Tim is taking on new clients and experience the best in luxury cruise travel,” says Tim.

In conclusion, if you’re ready for a luxurious and unforgettable travel experience, let Tim and his team at Club Cruise be your guide. Whether you’re looking to sail the high seas on a Windstar cruise, take a private jet trip on A&K, or charter a yacht for your own adventure, Tim and his team have the expertise and passion to make it happen. And remember, if you’re Taylor Swift or a Kardashian reading this, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we’ve got a Windstar voyage with your name on it!

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