[PRESSWIRE] London, UK – Jan 25, 2024 – SARN Group, a specialist investment firm, has reported two UK websites to the police for malicious communications and harassment.

Lawyers for the SARN Group and its Deputy to the Chairman, Armen Agas, deny claims made in the article entitled “Weapons, Money and SARN: how the Czech-American group embezzled Ukraine”, shared by Talk Finance on January 9th 2024. Further allegations could be found on London Insider’s platform, published on January 19th 2024, which SARN also denies.

Mr Agas and SARN Energy have called on the Metropolitan Police in London to investigate the operators of the websites.

The article claims that the companies in the SARN Group, its directors, and shareholders, including Mr Agas, are part of an “international organized crime group” that is responsible for “arms trafficking, judicial fraud, and embezzlement of funds allocated for the Ukrainian Armed Forces” and “obviously tied to espionage in the Czech Republic.”

The publications were reported to the Police by London law firm, Howard Kennedy, on 23 January 2024.

Matthew Gill, media disputes lawyer at Howard Kennedy, said: “We are instructed that these allegations are entirely false and are causing significant harm to the SARN Group and Mr Agas. Following our investigations into these websites, we believe that they are not genuine news websites, but sites designed to harass our clients and maliciously spread disinformation.”

U.S. Counsel for SARN, Ryan Borneman, from Duane Morris, stated, “SARN is actively monitoring for any additional defamatory articles and reserves the right to pursue available civil actions as necessary.”


For further information please visit https://www.sarn.us/. For all media enquiries, please contact Kreab Worldwide on [email protected].

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