Learning is an active process. The difficulty in learning a foreign language is that your brain has been tailored to a particular sound hence it would be difficult to learn another. However, you have to be gradually exposed to the new language such that the brain is able to absorb the new sounds, rhythms and tones in order to arrange them into a new way of referring to ideas and objects. This is what HOLLOTUTOR has made available for everyone.

HOLLOTUTOR will expose you to lots of foreign materials that would help build your new language skill. The hardest part which is finding the right material has been dealt with at HOLLOTUTOR. Many individuals may use books or audio resources to begin that process; however at HOLLOTUTOR we make a combination of all learning techniques to fast track the learning process.

About Us

HOLLOTUTOR initially had a physical session where it teaches students various languages.But after considering the fact that more convenience will be achieved through online tutoring we decided to create more classes for online participants. HOLLOTUTOR was founded in year 2005, in the U.S.A. Our diversification has made us global, reaching several audiences. HOLLOTUTOR combines cutting-edge IT technology and modern teaching style in order to offer more language lovers world-class education system.

Focus more on Asia Now

Global online language tutoring platform; currently, we are focused on tutoring Japanese to Chinese student, tutoring Chinese to English student. Students who are Chinese and want to learn Japanese can register and be sure to get the best services. The locations we focus on are Taiwan, HongKong and Malaysia.

The tutoring services are all tailored for your convenience. You can book your class anytime and begin to learn anytime too. It is made just to suit you. And out tutors are always on ground to see you through the process and address questions that may arise; https://www.HOLLOTUTOR.us/love.html

Decide how many class to buy: we have a very convenient payment method. Pay through credit card or local bank transfer.

The learning system brings tutors with best quality around the world to our students, more importantly, students can take only 1minutes to complete the class booking; it is awesome.

Book the class: the date, time; AM or PM.

Receive learning material by mail

Viola! Begin to learn.

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About John Smith

John smith is fully experienced as he has more than 20 years in practice. He knows how to deliver the correctly that would speed up the learning process. John has been to several countries hence he knows how cultural bias can affect leaning; he has also device a method around that. John Smith has decided to come with his team to Asia. Some of the main countries he would visit include; Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia.


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