The perfect gift for that special person can make a great difference, and if that person is a tattoo freak, then you need to stay here and give this article a read, because here you will discover 7 amazing gift ideas to leave that person in awe!

#1 – An Ed Hardy USB:

Want an USB with plenty of style? Then look no further than an Ed Hardy USB, which features a staggering tattoo-inspired design. This gift is the perfect choice for someone who happens to be a technology and tattoo lover!

Another great advantage of it is that it is not so expensive and you can get it from Amazon for around $34 USD. This price is quite good in fact, especially for such a stylish product.

You can either purchase a stand-alone USB or you can go for the full pack, which costs around $60 USD. It includes an USB, mouse and mouse pad. And yes, everything is tattoo-inspired.

You cannot go wrong with this gift. So, if you are looking for something very affordable yet guaranteed to surprise that special tattoo freak, then you should buy it.

#2 – A Rotary Tattoo Machine:

If that special tattoo lover is also an artist, then you may want to give him/her a rotary machine, especially if it has a cool design.

This machine is special because it creates design by revolving the needles around the core axis. It is a very popular choice because they are lighter, and therefore, enable the artist to work on a design for longer, something that would be harder with a dual-coil machine.

Another major advantage is that it doesn’t make much noise. And finally, another reason why artists love it is because it highly versatile (it can be used as a shader or liner alike).

#3 – A Godoy Tattoo Machine:

If you are looking for a gift guaranteed to impress and leave that person in awe, then you may consider gifting a Godoy machine.

Why is it special? First off, the company has been in the field for several years and they even hold 2 international patents. Moreover, they put a huge emphasis on education that’s why they hold seminars, release books and all sort of educational material for tattoo artists, so they can learn how to use their machines in the best way possible.

People who use any of their machines truly love them, because the degree of precision and detail you get with them is superior to what your average tattoo machine can bring.

As suggest by All Day Tattoo, an experienced Tattoo studio in Bangkok: “Real artists know what Godoy machines are capable of”, so without any doubts, this gadget will make an excellent gift!

#4 –Precision Tattoo Machines:

If you are looking for a tattoo machine that will leave that special person in complete awe, yet you want it for an affordable price, then Precision Tattoo Machines can help you.

This company with headquarters in Argentina is known for crafting high-performance, very precise and affordable tattoo machines. You can get a simple design machine for less than $30 USD!

You can even get a nice rotary machine for less than $40 USD. And worry not, because despite being super affordable, they are excellent and that’s why many tattoo artists love them.

But if you are looking for a high-end machine, then they can also offer you that, like the King Iron Precision Lining Coil Tattoo Machine which can be yours for approximately $240 USD.

#5 – An Package:

Now it is time to talk about something that truly breaks the mold. enables you to get a hyper-realistic 2-week tattoo using organic fruit ink.

It is not permanent, so how can it appeal a tattoo freak? Simple: it allows you to try a design and see how it looks before getting inked permanently.

Now you can see why it is such a good idea. The ink is created by using Jagua’s juice, an exotic fruit known for inking the skin beautifully for up to 2 weeks!

There are many packs available at It is by no means expensive at all, because you can order a package for only $8, which includes no design or size limitations.

If you are looking for a different kind of gift, then this one is an amazing choice!

Just take into account that they will start delivering in September.

#6 – A Pneumatic Tattoo Machine:

Let’s talk again about tattoo machines. This one is characterized for the being the lightest till date, something that appeals to several tattoo artists, because if it is so light, then enables the artists to work longer and achieve very refined and precise details.

By using compressed air pumps, inking with this machine feels like drawing with a pen. If that special person is an absolute tattoo freak, then he/she is going to love it. You can bet on it!

And they are not really expensive, so you don’t need to worry about that.

#7 – A Tattoo Parlor Management Software:

If that person runs a tattoo parlor and is always on a rush and busy, then it may be due to poor management. That’s why gifting a software solution especially created for tattoo studios is always an excellent idea.

The good news is that you have excellent options at your disposal:

  1. InkBook
  2. Inktd
  3. Pro Ink Software

From these three options InkBook is the most popular choice by far, because it tracks and does pretty much everything:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Online booking
  3. Records clients’ behavior
  4. Includes marketing features
  5. You can use it on mobile

That’s why I say it makes an excellent gift!

The End:

We’ve arrived to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it and got some good ideas on what to gift to that special tattoo lover in your life!