Lanafira has announced that it is offering a wide range of long dresses for Muslim women around the world. The Malaysian based company has already created a major buzz in the Malaysian and South East Asian market and it is now expanding its brand to the international market. The Muslimah Long Dress collection offered by Malaysia’s finest boutique are becoming the top choice of Muslim ladies and the brand has also introduced an e-Store where women can shop these dresses online with ease.

“We are proudly introducing a new collection with fresh arrival coming regularly for our Muslim sisters worldwide.” Said the spokesperson of Lanafira while introducing the Long Dress Muslimah range. “The Long Dress Muslimah can be easily ordered online and we are offering these dresses with a variety of designs and colors.” She added. The Muslimah online boutique also receives large orders from an increasing number of international distributors from Europe and North America where such long dress is high in demand, particularly from the Muslim ladies.

With a slogan of ‘A Style for Every Story’, Lanafira has made a major launch internationally. Most of the Muslim women ordering these dresses range from the age groups of 20 to 40 years old. However, younger and older women are loving these dresses alike. The Muslimah Long Dress for sale at the online store of Lanafira features a wide range of designs that are universally popular and high in demand.

Another amazing fact about the Muslimah long dress range introduced worldwide by Lanafira’s online store is the competitive price of each dress with high affordability. The traditional Muslim style along with the modern designing makes this long Muslimah dresses a perfect blend of fashion and grace for the women worldwide. Moreover, besides the Muslim women, these dresses are also getting increasingly popular among the non-Muslim women as well due to their elegance and style.

Some of the Muslimah long dresses for sale at the online store of Lanafira include Mellisa Long Dress in several colors with its increasingly popular wide range, Alana Kebaya, Pucci Long Dress, Sofea Modern Perplum and much more. All these designs are offered in several colors and are loved by the women who wear them. The company also offers free delivery across Malaysia and has an overwhelming presence on the social media to interact with the customers.

In addition, Lanafira also features an informative newsletter on its website to keep its customers updated. The feedback and reviews received by the boutique have been phenomenal and women have simply loved these dresses. The testimonials received by the company reflect the level of trust and satisfaction from its customers and they have declared it the best Muslim dress making boutique available online in Malaysia.

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