A Brazilian artist named Ladi Anne is taking over the world with her beautiful music and it’s time for you to get to know her!
At 21 years old with an impressive resume under different fields of art, Ladi is getting ready to release her first solo visual-album filled with unique sounds, honest messages and amazing collaborations, including Malay musician Raz Azraii!

While the album awaits for its release date, we were privileged enough to receive the material early for a review and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

The album is a very organic representation of Ladi’s life, with stories from when she was a little girl with a big dream, to growing into a fighter who lost her father early but took that as motivation to make all of her dreams come true no matter the obstacles.

She uses her personal life struggles to relate with concerning humanitarian causes around the world that could use some help, and emphasizes a different matter in each track.

One that really caught my attention was a music video for a track called “fins”.The message of this video that was shot in Oahu (Hawaii), is to show people how beautiful can be a relationship of harmony between Humans, Nature and animals. Through scenes of peaceful and respectful interactions with wild and domesticated animals, love exchange with the Ocean, forests and mountains. Showing people what awaits them on the other side of the office desk, the life most people are deprived of living due to the current system of our enslaved society.

In the track itself makes you feel like you are in Hawaii, swimming dolphins, as the ocean sounds strikes with a extremely catchy melody and beautiful musical production. I would say it’s a mix or rock with electronic and classical music. A real breath of fresh air!

Stay tuned on Ladi’s website for the release date! www.ladianne.art