Malaysians reading this should be very proud of Hayley Lam as she has made international headlines in the music scene. Hayley Lam, who was born in Malaysia has released her brand new single “Being Alive” on 27 July 2017. She was in Boston pursuing her career in 2015 and has decided to move to New York to further her career advancement. Her music features the world-class drummer Marko Djordjevic and Akos Forgacs on the Bass. The track is produced by the well-respected Steve Hunt, who used to be the keyboardist for the late Allan Holdsworth.

Her interest in music has always been there since she was a child, with her extraordinary musical abilities, she has also been awarded a prestigious scholarship and completed her Bachelor of Music in just one and a half years. In 2016, she was selected as the finalist at the Seattle Women‘s Jazz Orchestra Annual Jazz Composition Contest for Women Composer and as the showcase winner at the JEN International Jazz Conference held at New Orleans.

Hayley’s taste in music is very varied, as you would expect it from a true music lover. From pop, funk, R&B to progressive rock and of course jazz, you‘ll find almost anything in her list. She counts Frank Zappa, Weather Report and Allan Holdsworth in as her favorite musicians. Not surprisingly, the late Allan Holdsworth‘s keyboardist, Steve Hunt, has been Hayley’s mentor since she came to the States and is also a great inspiration to her.

Her new track is a blend of jazz, fusion and electronics, with the synthesizer as the main lead instrument. Her music is forward thinking, well-crafted and the composition is bold, innovative and cutting-edge contemporary jazz and has been very well received by many industry experts.

Hayley has performed in a series of both local and international events. This year alone she has performed in a dozen of location with fans welcoming her exemplary performance. If you happen to be in New York, you may want to catch her live on 19th August 2017, 1.00 am with the Mostacho Xprmnt group at the Rockwood Music Hall, New York.

New music will already be coming our way very soon, since Hayley has been working on a new EP album which is a very personal document about her life‘s journey and set to be released now. The single with the refreshing name “Being Alive” is currently available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp. You can follow Hayley’s musical steps in the future and check out her amazing music on her website over at and

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