13502851_10208641721414602_8450646153692617391_oAs the Republican National Convention approaching in the coming days, Brosnan C. Hoban is still fighting for a delegate revolt. As Brosnan C. Hoban has been speaking with many committee members, and it seems as though the delegates are still split. It is estimated that Trump has the support locked up of 888 delegates to Cleveland this month in the event of an effort to unbind delegates, leaving them free to vote for any candidate. That’s far short of the 1,237 — a simple majority of total delegates — that will be necessary to pass rules for the convention, leaving open the door for efforts to block Trump’s nomination to continue.

According to The Wall Street Journey tally, 682 delegates are friendly to the delegate unbinding efforts. That leaves 903 potential swing votes. Though it is a long shot for the floor to allow delegates to vote for any candidate, it is still possible. Brosnan C. Hoban is confident heading into the Convention that the Never Trump movement will make waves and help sway delegates to vote their conscience. The efforts of Brosnan C. Hoban and the Never Trump movement will be decided on the floor when the Rules Committee creates a draft of the convention rules.

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