It seems like many persons talk wonders about Dubai, and it shouldn’t surprise you because nearly 80% of people living in this city are expats.

If you want to discover why relocating to this city is an incredible idea, then keep reading to discover the 5 reasons that will motivate you to pack your bags and relocate as soon as possible!

#1 – Taxation Is Theft!

This statement gets thrown around quite often by libertarians and anarcho-capitalists, and if you think the same then you will love Dubai because it is tax-free. Really, forget about the IRS going after you, because even your Bitcoin holdings are on target!

This is one of the biggest reasons on why so many entrepreneurs decide to expatriate to Dubai: you don’t have to worry about taxation any more. If that’s a big concern for you and you really ache with the idea of feeding a big state with your hard-earned money, then coming to live to Dubai might be exactly what you need!

Not only is your income untaxed but pretty much everything: food, restaurants, clothes and all goods. Can you imagine how much money you will end up saving? All thanks to the taxation-free lifestyle!

All in all, if you want to live a real taxation-free lifestyle, then that’s exactly what you will find in Dubai, and yes, it is waiting for you with open arms!

#2 – Lifestyle Is Amazing:

If you are looking for a city that offers you an amazing lifestyle, then the answer is Dubai. With endless attractions, plenty of things to do and modernity wherever you look it is going to win your heart very fast once you arrive here.

Endless restaurants, beautiful beaches, the possibility to practice skiing indoors and many other leisure options at your disposal make Dubai one of the best places to live in the world.

Yes, it is expensive but what else could you expect? The good news is that salaries in Dubai are very good, so if you manage to work in a good position in a reputable company, then you will get plenty of money to spend in the nearly-infinite leisure options Dubai puts at your disposal.

If you want to live the life of the rich and successful, then Dubai is the place to be: a faraway land that is the nearest thing to a paradise on Earth.

In case you are moving with children, you should also know that education here is top of the line. Here you can find the best international schools, where your children can follow the curriculum from any country: USA, UK, AU, etc.

Some argue that the price of education is higher as it is private, but it is totally worth it. The quality of education in Dubai is excellent, and you should look at it as an investment for the future of your children.

If you are already ready to move, then you should get in contact with a relocation company as soon as possible, because these processes require plenty of time in advance.

Fortunately, Global Relocations website can help you to find a highly-reputable company to handle your complete relocation from beginning till end.

#3 – The Weather Is Nearly Perfect:

If you are tired of bad weather, then Dubai is the place to be. It is not perfect, but it is very close to that. The thing is that summers tend to be extremely hot, especially for expats. But other than that the sun shines practically the whole year and it only rains a little bit from December to February.

Long gone will be cold and harsh winters, just remember that summer can be harsh with temperatures reaching 45°C. It is going to be have a big impact on you at first, but if you are planning to relocate here for many years, then you will get used to this weather.

But yes, there will be people who will love even the super hot summers, so if you are one of them then you are going to love this city even more 😉

#4 – A Brilliant Economy:

While in the Western world states and welfare get bigger and economies that grow weaker every year, Dubai is the anti-thesis: a thriving, growing and strong economy.

It is one of the five fastest growing economies in the world, and the fact that you can find so many entrepreneur expats here seems to validate the claim that Dubai’s economy is amongst the strongest in the world these days.

There are several business opportunities for those willing to seek them. If you want to live the real entrepreneurial life, then you will find such thing in Dubai. No taxes, a growing and strong economy and a great cosmopolitan community… what else could you ask for?

The cost of life is high, but the opportunities are awesome. If you are sure you can afford to live here, especially if you are like many digital nomads who earn a decent income, then Dubai might be the paradise you are looking for 😉

#5 – Near to Everything:

Dubai is in a perfect position: between Europe and Asia. Therefore it is easy to visit the most important countries in both continents: Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. People travel frequently to and from Dubai, so you can also get excellent prices.

It is the midpoint that will allow you to travel to pretty much all the most important countries and cities, which is especially important if you are involved in the international business scene.

And it will also be easy for friends and family to visit you from Asia or Europe, because again, it is the midpoint between both continents.

Final Words:

After reading this it should be more than evident that Dubai is one of the best cities in the world. You’ve got everything, and although it is more expensive and potentially different in many aspects, it is still one of the best places in the world for you to relocate.