Are you looking for a great vacation destination to escape your hectic daily life? Visiting Yogyakarta Indonesia can be a great step to choose. Located in the middle of Java Island, Yogyakarta becomes popular tourist destinations due to various extraordinary tourist attractions and the kindness of the people. For those who plan to visit this city, you can read further to get some suggestion regarding your trip.

In this paragraph, we will give you a brief information about the activities that you can experience based on famous Yogyakarta attractions. The information is listed below:

  • Joining a workshop on leather, batik, silver, and pottery: Yogyakarta offers a various workshop in hand crafting, from leather to pottery. By joining this workshop you are able to create your own pottery and leather stuff, such as iPad case, a purse, a clutch, and more. You are not only able to make it by yourself but you are also allowed to bring it home as souvenirs. This is surely a great experience that you can have from Yogyakarta. To join batik workshop, you can join the one at Kraton area, around small alleys nearby Taman Sari. For those who are interested in silver courses, you can go to Kota Gede and make your own ring. As for pottery courses, they are available nearby Kasongan area. Before joining the workshop, you have to do a reservation.
  • Strolling Jalan Malioboro: wandering around Malioboro is a must when you visit Yogyakarta. It is almost similar to visiting Paris but missing out Eiffel tower. In this street, you can go to Beringharjo market where you can shop a lot of souvenirs such as clothing with batik design, blangkon (headdress from traditional Javanese worn by a male), sandals, and much more, with very cheap prices. It opens starting from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most tourists like to wander around Malioboro at night. You can also find local food with very cheap price in Malioboro. There are many Sego Kucing sellers that you can visit. Sego Kucing, or literally translated as cat rice, is wrapped in banana leaves and consist of the small portion of rice with spicy sauce, tempeh, and dried fish as its toppings. For those who prefer restaurants, you can walk to Sosrowijayan Street and go to Atap restaurants and other restaurants as well. They provide western food with various sauces. They are usually open from 6 am to 9 pm.
  • Visiting Parangtritis Beach: this beach is located 25 km from the center of the city. This place is always crowded with local tourists in the evening and weekends. Some activities that are offered on this beach are riding an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), having picnics, capturing the scenery, enjoying the sunset, swimming at small swimming pool provided or having paragliding. As for paragliding, it is only available from January to February due to the weather. Another activity that you can miss out is sand-boarding in Gumuk Pasir.

The list above is some of the interesting things you can do during your travel in Yogyakarta. Choosing Yogyakarta as your holiday destination will surely help you relax your mind and body from the crazy life of the large city.