It is the responsibility of every person to take charge of their estate planning, particularly when it comes to mitigating potential challenges!

MAGNOLIA, TX, December 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Co-author Ronald ‘Skip’ Skolnik has worked more than 22 years in the senior and financial services industry. Skip has grown his business through referrals and community education events designed to help area seniors as they seek solutions to their unique financial challenges. He believes that education is the key to helping people become confident in assessing their financial goals and participating in the financial management process.

Co-author Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Skolnik Budweg, Financial Advisor, specializes in helping individuals work toward pursuing their financial objectives. With a goal to preserve and protect family assets from lawsuits, probate, nursing home expenses, and market volatility, Libby works with Skolnik Retirement Solutions to simplify and consolidate those assets while maximizing the benefits in a tax-efficient manner for future generations.

Together, Skip and Libby wrote their new book to delve into the crucial importance of comprehensive estate planning and address the prevalent issue of unpreparedness among individuals. “Finishing Strong” highlights two significant problems that hinder effective estate planning. First, many individuals fail to recognize the necessity of a comprehensive plan, often resulting in unforeseen financial burdens such as nursing home costs or probate court proceedings. Second, people often struggle to know where to begin due to a lack of specialized knowledge and guidance from professionals.

To tackle these issues, their book offers insights into various aspects of estate planning, including legal documents, financial positioning, taxes, nursing home expenses, and asset distribution. It emphasizes the need for a multidimensional approach that brings together expertise from various experts such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance professionals, nursing home specialists, and funeral directors.

As a resource that has already received glowing reviews from readers across the US, Skip and Libby emphasize that estate planning is both an art and a science. “Finishing Strong: An Estate Planning Journey” is written to encourage readers to take comprehensive action to protect their families and leave a lasting legacy.

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