Have a thought ever occurred to you whether a flashlight has more features and benefits than just the light it produces or not? Have you ever come across any? Let me introduce to you the brightest flashlight available named G700 which is actually the best of all.

Why is it currently better than other LED flashlights? Because it is a military grade flashlight with a high performance features and it is made of material that only the military tools are made of, furthermore it is designed especially for combat as well as other kinds of emergency situations.

Some people don’t understand the importance of having a quality flashlight in your house but if you consider yourself a fireman, a fisherman, a hiker or even a scuba – diver then this Lumitact flashlight is perfect for you. Not only it has looks but it has really surprising and useful features like no other portable light before, and it is a must for every adventurous soul.

The beauty of this beast of a flashlight is that you don’t have to change batteries ever again with the G700 since it has rechargeable double AA batteries which give the lighting tool a long power life that most certainly won’t let you down and will help you in every situation when confronting a subject.

The batteries can be powered in two options. The first is to just plug the flashlight on a charger and then you wait for less than an hour to be fully charged, and it is ready to use it as a guide you in your next adventure. The other option is to use the adapter that comes with the packaging. The adapter is made for car situations for example, if you are on your way to work or on a trip.

g700 flash light

If you love to go camping for example, then you need a light with you. The lamps can be easily broken and usually take too much space in your bags. The G700 is perfect for camping! It is not heavy; it is small enough to carry it in your pockets and has a body design that is indestructible. It is also designed in a way that has sharp tips that is pretty much handy in a situation like self-defense for example, you can neutralize an enemy.

Having a body that is indestructible makes it more powerful than other flashlights. You can run over the flashlight with your car and it will still work. The material used for this unique military grade tool is aluminum which makes it resistant to crashes. This kind of material is used for aircraft and is also used in the military services.

Once you have the military tool in your hands, you can say goodbye to battery changing. We all know how annoying can that be if an ordinary flashlight stops working in the middle of the work. Once the batteries are wasted off you can plug it in a charger and it will be ready to use it again in less than an hour and that is just another feature that makes it one of the best flashlights that ever existed.

The military grade tool has double AA batteries that can be powered by two options. The first is as I mentioned above to charger it with a USB flash drive and the other is great in emergency situations when you are not at home. There is a car adapter that lets you change batteries on your way to the next adventure or simply on your way to work.

g700 flash light

The revolutionary integrated technology plays a great role when it comes to uniqueness and magnificence of the electric light. There is a new concept used for the power which takes the lighting to a whole new level. The LED chips integrated in it give the G700 an incredible power of 700 lumens which makes it more powerful than the other ordinary flashlights. With this concept you can easily switch from square to a round shape of the focus.

Furthermore, it is capable of producing a light that is strong enough to blind an object, and of turning nights into days. With its strong lighting it is capable of reaching up to an amazing 3,000 feet, which actually gives a great focus to spot the long distance objects that can come in front of you.

The capability of the LED technology is an excellent weapon in emergency cases like power loss. Power losses are very frequent in America and sometimes can last up to 3-4 hours. The G700 has a battery that lasts up to 72 hours without turning off and that is due to the fact that is uses 4 watts of power.

In a case of a self-defense there is a telescoping focus with 5 different modes it total. There is an SOS which gives you an ability to make signals, another one for continuous light and the third one is for strobe light. There are also 2 power modes available which are made to save you battery power. Those are for medium and full lighting.

Besides all of the benefits that this amazing portable light has, the best thing about it is that you can get it now at the lowest price, meaning you can order it for only $56 which is 75% off the regular price. This is usually the moment where people usually get confused with the price. That is due to the fact that there are much cheaper versions on eBay and Amazon but there is a strong reason for that. The Lumitact G700 is made with a new concept the LED diodes are replaced with special LED chips which makes it more powerful than the other regular flashlights.