The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) proudly announces that Emily Schweppe, M.Ed., has joined our team to further support students and graduates.

BELLINGHAM, WA, January 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Emily Schweppe, M.Ed., educator and author, became the Parent Coaching Institute’s latest team addition taking on the role of Communications Coordinator. Emily’s main responsibilities will be guiding candidates through the enrollment process, as well as supporting student and graduate communications. The position requires high-level skills for staying on top of the plethora of information while attending to the direct and digital communication needs of PCI’s global community.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with Emily’s expertise and professionalism,” stated Gloria DeGaetano, PCI’s Founder and CEO. “As PCI continues to grow within the United States as well as internationally, it is imperative that our Communications Coordinator brings a collaborative mindset and creative insightfulness to the job. And I’m delighted to say, that’s Emily in a nutshell.”

Mrs. Schweppe found a good match with PCI, too. She explains, “Throughout my career, I have gravitated toward roles which connect students and graduates: organizations in college, volunteer positions post-grad, and most recently as an educator. In each space, my intention in my role was to honor the journey and create connections.”

She is excited to roll up her sleeves and help the PCI Community so they can best support the families they serve. In fact, she herself is enrolled in the PCI training with the goal of her own Parent Coach Certification® this year. “When I was exploring where I wanted to go next after stepping away from the classroom to be home with my son, knowing my passion for working with students and families, a friend suggested PCI. Among many other statements on the PCI website, the following in particular resonated with me: “PCI parent coaches open the space so that parents can explore, examine, and discover solutions.” I feel very excited to be supporting parents in a co-creative space envisioning possibilities and working toward their preferred future. As we know, what we focus on we get more of!”

In her new role Mrs. Schweppe stated that she hopes to “help students and graduates by doing what PCI is teaching me: envisioning and owning the preferred future! As graduates it may be helpful to see with new eyes again as well as it is invigorating as a student to see what is possible. I also am looking forward to supporting students as needed along the way—whether with enrollment, sharing their experience on social media to connect with others, or simply directing them where they may need to find an answer!”

“Emily’s attitude and abilities align well with ours,” adds DeGaetano. “PCI parent coaches work from the heart and are highly skilled. The PCI attracts the best and brightest professionals around the globe, including teachers, social workers, parent educators and other professionals who want to make a positive difference. We’re very proud of our graduates and are excited about the possibilities that await them and the families they help.”

Using evidence-based strategies and a well-researched coaching framework, PCI Certified Parent Coaches® work with families to help them create awareness of new possibilities. In addition to working with parents directly, parent coaches offer their services to agencies, schools and businesses.

The PCI’s acclaimed distance-learning, graduate-level training program, offered in affiliation with Southern New Hampshire University, enrolls family support professionals in March and September. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 Spring Term, to begin this March. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 9. For more information or to download an application form, please visit

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The Parent Coaching Institute (The PCI) offers Parent Coach Certification® for family professionals, coaching services for moms and dads, and specialized programs for companies and organizations. Founded in 2000 by internationally acclaimed educator, Gloria DeGaetano, PCI originated the parent coaching industry. Today it continues to set the highest standards for Parent Coach Certification® and for parent coaching services worldwide. The PCI is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington. For more information, please visit, or call (888) 599-4447.

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