The season one finale of ‘Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans’ has finally arrived, showcasing a feature-length episode over a year in the making, also marking the debut of two original songs with a unique twist.

SIBLEY, MO, January 19, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — After a remarkable journey of storytelling and soul-searching, Toby Evans, the acclaimed creator and host of the groundbreaking podumentary series, ‘Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans,’ is set to release the much-anticipated season one finale, titled ‘Soul Crossings’. This monumental episode, which runs longer than all previous episodes combined, is closer to a feature film than a regular podumentary. But it’s all about quality, not quantity, and every indulgence of this episode is well and truly justified.

Marked by its depth, originality, and emotional resonance, the season one finale of ‘Soul-Bridge’ is a culmination of artistic excellence, based on the host’s latest book, Soul-Bridge to Original Light. This new installment takes audiences on an extraordinary voyage, showcasing Toby’s exceptional talent as a storyteller and musician.

The episode boasts an exceptional musical lineup, featuring not only two of Toby’s original recordings, “Ocean of Love” and “All of Who You Are,” both of which were featured on her 1992 album, Call to Wholeness, but also two hidden musical treasures performed by the band, Toby Evans’ 5D Self. This unique ensemble of session musicians was specially assembled to breathe life into these once-nascent Toby-penned gems. The new songs, titled “Heart Path” and “Rite of Passage,” were longtime missing links in Toby Evans’ ongoing saga. Now that the pair of musical numbers is fully realized and produced, these contrasting but connected works will have top shelf status from now on.

“I wrote [“Heart Path” and “Rite of Passage”] so long ago,” explains Toby Evans. “One of them was just a rough demo and the other one was little more than a lyric sheet. The finished versions in this episode are a testament to the high standards of our show. Artistically speaking, we breathed new life into these lost songs and I hope that resonates with audiences everywhere.”

While ‘Soul Crossings’ could be seen as a remarkable success solely for its musical achievements, that is just one aspect of its excellence. The ‘Soul Bridge’ season finale takes listeners on a profound emotional journey, stretching from personal to universal themes. Toby’s skilled storytelling weaves a philosophical tapestry, exploring the human experience, identity, and interconnectedness.

Toby adds: “I hope that through my work, we can find some illumination and guidance amidst these challenging times we are living in. The subject matter is at once timely and timeless.”

As we say goodbye to an unforgettable first season, Toby Evans is excited to announce the eagerly awaited season two of ‘Soul-Bridge’ in 2024. This forthcoming season will once again challenge the boundaries of podcasting, documentary filmmaking, and spiritual exploration, guiding listeners on fresh and transformative voyages of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead as Toby Evans sets the stage for even more soul-searching and musical exploration!

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