The guide and related trainings aim to provide tailored education to advisors on impact investing opportunities and how they can develop client relationships

BETHESDA, MD, January 22, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Calvert Impact has released “Impact Investing: A Short Guide for Financial Advisors” to help advisors understand the important opportunity impact investing represents for their clients and their practices. While the impact investing market has more than doubled to over $1 trillion in recent years according to the Global Impact Investing Network, and demand from both individual and institutional investors is growing, the guide aims to address that many financial advisors have not incorporated impact investment options into their practice.

The guide focuses on impact investments that intend to create positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. Investors have a range of options based on the geographic and impact sectors they care about – from affordable housing and community development in the U.S., to supporting job creation and environmental solutions in low-income communities around the world. These all represent an opportunity for advisors to talk with their clients about what really matters to them and the world they want to see, and then discuss some options that could be more meaningful to client portfolios and relationships.

“We consistently hear from investors that their financial advisors aren’t talking with them about impact investing,” said Calvert Impact Director of Investor Relations Anna Mabrey. “We also hear from advisors that they just aren’t aware of the impact opportunities they have access to at their firms or how to have the conversation with clients. We want to help bridge this gap so that advisors can deepen client relationships and advance their practice.”

While most impact investments are in private markets, there are more public options accessible to investors of all types and almost all financial firms. There are also important performance and risk considerations, both financial and impact, that advisors can help their clients with.

The guide is accompanied by interactive webinar trainings to provide more direct and tailored support to advisors on their impact investing journeys with clients. This includes helping advisors navigate the impact investing options and resources at their specific firms, which often aren’t well known or publicized internally.

Patricia Redsicker, Calvert Impact’s senior officer of investor relations, added, “It is exciting to see advisory firms develop significant impact investing expertise and platforms, but the majority of advisors and their clients are just beginning to explore this area. We hope to make it easier for them to understand how to get started.”

Financial advisors can access the guide and learn more at or by contacting [email protected].

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