Calls For Soros Family To Be Held Accountable

NAPLES, FL, January 24, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Former Illinois Republican Congressional candidate and tech entrepreneur Jack Lombardi called on the Secret Service to fully investigate Alexander Soros after he tweeted out an image of 47 dollars and a glass with bullet shot through it. Lombardi said as many has that this is a treat against President Donald J. Trump. This follows Alexander Soros claiming at Davos that Trump must be stopped at all costs. Alexander Soros and his father, George have long financed progressive causes to undermine the very fabric of American democracy. The Soros family has also engaged in efforts to undermine the democratically elected pro-American governments of Eastern Europe. The Hungarian government has long called for George Soros to be held accountable and tried for crimes against the Hungarian people. Lombardi urged the department of Justice to act on Hungary’s request.

“Alexander Soros tweeted a clear threat against Donald J. Trump hoping to encourage some unhinged individual to act on his threat,” said Jack Lombardi. “Alexander Soros must be fully investigated and prosecuted. If a conservative had tweeted something like this the media would be clamoring for his arrest, and the Justice Department would have them in chains.

“The Soros family has for years worked against the United States and freedom loving peoples across the world,” continued Lombardi. “They must be held accountable and prosecuted.

“Their crimes are so immense and not just against the United States but also the people of Eastern Europe who they desire to live under oppression once again,” concluded Lombardi. They cannot continue with their actions and undermining freedom. Alexander Soros and his father must be prosecuted. They are encouraging violence, and they must be stopped.”

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