Once again Abdul Rehman Shaikh produced a race win challenging run at the Australian Circuit with his team Yamaha. In 2015 Abdul Rehman showed great skills and pushed his lucks to the limit to secure his first super-stock racing championship. Abdul Rehman just started the 2016 season the way he finished back in 2015. On the last laps of the race he had a tough battle with his team-mate Abello, but unfortunately Shaikh could not catch up with Abello’s pace and the race first position was slipped through Abdul Rehman’s hands. Abdul Rehman finished second in the race with his team-mate Michalle Abello finishing first on the podium and a team Aprilla rider behind Abdul Rehman.

Abdul Rehman lost a lot of time to catch up and overtaking other riders before he could grab the second position. The weather played a very crucial role during the race, as the practices were conducted in stormy rain and on wet track with wet tire options, but the final race was under the scorching sun with dry conditions.

Abdul Rehman: 

“Starting off the season with second position is amazing! I am really happy that i finished the race safe and sound and in second position, and also i would like to thank my team because they have done a great supportive job and helped me to push myself and my motorcycle to become so competitive. Thanks to all of Yamaha guys! I finished last with wining the championship and starting this season with second position is definitely a positive sign and great feeling. Of course, I am the defending champion this year so all eyes are on me, and every rider wants to pull me down, its like I have a target on my back and every rider is aiming for that. Definitely the competition will rise and get more intense as the season progresses but I am ready to defend my title and hopefully retain it this season as well.”