Meanwhile, this is another international design award won by Nank products after the 2022 Red Dot Design Award in Germany.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 15, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — As time flies and the year 2023 draws to a close, Nank(Naenka) has made many important decisions and shifts in order to be able to better serve each customer with quality products and services. Let’s take a look back at Nank’s 2023!

April 26thRunner Neo Wins First Quarter 2023 Muse Design Award
As a product that combines design aesthetics and technological innovation, the Runner Neo headphones stood out from the crowd of entries and won high recognition in the international design field. Meanwhile, this is another international design award won by Nank(Naenka) products after the 2022 Red Dot Design Award in Germany.

June 1stRunner Pro2 Running Headphones Online
Runner Pro2 is launched as an upgraded version of Runner Pro, with an upgraded Bluetooth version and increased memory on top of the original. We did a special survey to thousands of running and swimming enthusiasts for this product and finally decided to delete the microphone function. The product was well received by new and old customers as soon as it was launched, and up to now, the satisfaction rate of this model of headphones is more than 95%.

June 14th Runner Diver2 Professional Waterproof Swimming Headset Online
Runner Diver2 is also upgraded and updated from the original model Diver, the update of the initial period of the collection of after-sales customer comments and suggestions, combined with the positioning of the product, the waterproof performance and the internal structure of the centralised optimisation of the upgraded product satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

June 19thRunner Neo High Performance Sports Headphones Online
When the Nank(Naenka) team was thinking about the exterior design of the headphones, we focused on simplicity, smoothness, modernity and aesthetic presentation. This design concept is expressed in the appearance of the NEO by abandoning cumbersome decorations and excessive buttons, turning complexity into simplicity, and overall presenting a clean and atmospheric aesthetic.

At the same time, the NEO series combines the design of the golden innovation aesthetics, this design concept originates from the concept of the golden ratio, through the use of the golden ratio in the design of the headset, divided into 15 support points, effectively dispersing the gravity of the headset, so that consumers do not have a sense of burden when wearing, enhance the sense of comfort.

August 2nd Launched Affiliate Program
According to the current growth of Nank’s business and the increase of brand influence, we have developed and launched a number of affiliate platforms, which are dedicated to letting more people who love sports know Nank, so that they can change their mindset and start a new way of listening to music.

October 29th Website Internal Structure Optimisation
According to the shopping experience feedback from fans and loyal buyers, Nank(Naenka) network engineers have systematically tested and upgraded the overall framework, pages, and details of the website, in order to bring you a smoother and more comfortable shopping experience.

November 6thHarmonisation of Global Trademarks
Combined with Nank’s popularity and influence at home and abroad, as well as the brand layout in the next 5 years, we decided to unify the logo globally, after unification of a simpler logo is more conducive to each customer’s memory and search.

As a technology innovation company focusing on acoustic research, Nank(Naenka)’s team of technicians have been working in the field of bone conduction for more than 12 years. Nank(Naenka) has always been adhering to the concept of “driving a better lifestyle with bone conduction technology”, and has been continuously exploring the value of bone conduction technology, and the NEO series of headphones won the Muse International Design Award, which is a new breakthrough in design aesthetics and also injects new vitality into the development of bone conduction headphones. Nank has not only achieved a new breakthrough in design aesthetics, but also injected new vitality into the development of bone conduction headphones.

In the future, Nank(Naenka) will always adhere to the development concept of innovation, aesthetics and technology to bring consumers more diversified and higher quality audio-visual enjoyment!

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