Key Features Include a Micro-Displacement Sensor, an Automatic Analysis Algorithm, and Simplified & Angle-Independent Installation.

SEOUL, KOREA, January 11, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Smart Geotech‘s new product, MEERKAT, provides a straightforward solution for the industry. It includes real-time monitoring, advanced data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces, offering a practical geotechnical experience. Users can closely monitor and analyze critical data with precision, improving decision-making and maintaining the integrity of geotechnical structures.

As a recognized figure in geotechnical engineering, Smart Geotech has made significant investments in developing MEERKAT, utilizing the latest technology in sensors, data analytics, and connectivity. The platform relies on IoT devices, machine learning algorithms, and cloud infrastructure to provide real-time data and actionable insights. MEERKAT’s practical approach to geotechnical solutions reflects Smart Geotech’s commitment to advancing the field.

The industry recognizes Smart Geotech’s contributions, and MEERKAT has received acclaim for its technological advancements in geotechnical practices. Awards from industry experts and organizations confirm MEERKAT’s significance in the field.

Established in 2017, Smart Geotech has been a trailblazer in innovation. Recognized for the company’s commitment to research and development, Smart Geotech achieved various certifications, including the KOITA R&D Department & Venture Company Certification in 2018, and Disaster Prevention New Technology Certification and Innovative Product Certification in 2021. In 2022, the company received additional acclaim, including the Disaster Safety Product Certification and the prestigious Best Achievement in Disaster Safety R&D – Prime Minister’s Award. The year 2023 brought further honors, such as the CES 2023 Innovation Awards and the KOITA IR52 Jang Young-Sil Award. As Smart Geotech moves forward, Smart Geotech remains dedicated to pushing innovation boundaries and delivering impactful solutions.

MEERKAT, as a disaster monitoring system, is designed to detect ground displacement and issue real-time alerts for potential risks like landslides and rockfalls. Here are the key features that make MEERKAT stand out:

Micro-Displacement Sensor: MEERKAT comes equipped with a micro-displacement sensor that provides accurate detection near the subsurface activity plane. This precision allows for early warnings, ensuring timely response to ground movements.

Automatic Analysis Algorithm: MEERKAT ensures seamless real-time monitoring without frequent maintenance requirements. This advanced capability not only enhances operational efficiency but also guarantees uninterrupted performance. By automating analysis processes, MEERKAT reduces downtime, providing a reliable and user-friendly solution for efficient monitoring.

Simplified & Angle-Independent Installation: Diverging from traditional systems that require intricate setups of multiple sensors and support structures, MEERKAT’s distinctive rod-shaped ground displacement monitoring sensor can be embedded vertically in any terrain, regardless of the slope’s steepness, ensuring accurate subsurface monitoring. This adaptability, combined with a streamlined installation process, facilitates precise monitoring across a variety of environments.

In brief, MEERKAT is an advanced solution for geotechnical engineering challenges, and Smart Geotech is dedicated to pushing technology boundaries. The company is committed to delivering practical solutions for informed decision-making by engineers and project managers. Detailed information about MEERKAT can be found on Smart Geotech’s website.

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