Frugal Flyer, a blog dedicated to traveling the world on a budget, has released its FlyerFunds Loyalty Program. This program gives Canadians extra cash back for signing up for financial products through the FlyerFunds Rebate program.

EDMONTON, AB, November 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Since formally launching the FlyerFunds Rebate system in December 2022, Frugal Flyer has continued to make improvements and add financial institution partners and products to improve the experience for our customers.

The newest feature of the FlyerFunds Rebate program is now available: a loyalty program to reward repeat customers. Through the FlyerFunds Loyalty Bonus program, readers can earn an additional $20 cash back for every four approved financial product rebates. This means that readers will earn additional cashback on top of the pre-existing rebates for all of their favorite financial products.

“Giving back to our readers is the cornerstone of the FlyerFunds Rebate program,” says Founder, Reed Sutton. “The FlyerFunds Loyalty Bonus program is the first of its kind in Canada and increases the cash back available to our readers and makes Frugal Flyer the cash back rebate site of choice for all financial products in Canada. We look forward to continuing to drive exceptional value through this program for years to come.”

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