Finally, A Marketing Agency that Speaks “Engineer”

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 24, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nerd Herd Unveils Rebrand, Reinforces Commitment to Empowering B2B2C HVAC Companies

Nerd Herd, a leading marketing agency specializing in strategy, creative, and lead generation for the B2B2C HVAC industry, proudly announces a comprehensive rebranding and repositioning initiative. Originally founded in 2015, Nerd Herd strategically repositioned itself in 2022 to exclusively serve the HVAC industry, reflecting its dedication to providing tailored services to HVAC businesses targeting technical audiences.

With a remarkable team comprising subject matter experts in both marketing and the HVACR industry, Nerd Herd distinguishes itself by offering unparalleled expertise to B2B2C partners. The agency’s exclusive focus on the HVACR space has created a dynamic work environment, allowing them to excel in their niche market. Nerd Herd’s commitment to continuous learning and staying curious ensures their team remains at the forefront of industry trends, delivering effective strategies and solutions to clients.

“Our repositioning is a direct response to the challenges faced by commercial HVAC reps and manufacturers in the marketing realm,” said Ashlei Rolloff, Founder and CEO of Nerd Herd. “Our team’s deep understanding of the HVACR industry combined with marketing prowess allows us to build teams of subject matter experts who can partner with our clients seamlessly and produce remarkable results. By focusing on the HVACR space and providing strategic creative services, we empower our partners to achieve exponential growth.”

Key Elements of Nerd Herd’s Rebrand and Reposition:

Core Values: Nerd Herd aligns itself with partners who share their values, utilizing them as a compass to guide interactions with both team members and clients. Core values such as grit, stay curious, ownership mindset and demonstrating expertise form the foundation for their actions.

Redesigned Website: Nerd Herd’s new website reflects a simple yet modern design, offering the perspective that they work in a technical yet creative environment. Visitors can easily navigate through the updated site to explore the agency’s specialized services and industry expertise.

Strategic Repositioning: The agency’s focus on the B2B2C HVAC industry signifies a commitment to understanding the technical nuances of the sector. Nerd Herd aims to become a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their market presence and connect with target audiences.

Targeting Technical Audiences: Recognizing the importance of catering to the unique values of technical audiences, Nerd Herd understands how to resonate with engineers, contractors, facility managers, building owners and architects within the HVAC industry. This ensures Nerd Herd’s clients’ customers resonate with their extensive industry experience.

Comprehensive Marketing Solutions: Nerd Herd’s revamped services include a wide array of marketing solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the B2B2C HVAC industry. From digital marketing and content creation to branding and lead generation, the agency offers a comprehensive suite of services.

Expert Team: The agency has expanded its team with industry experts who bring a deep understanding of the HVAC sector. This enables Nerd Herd to provide clients with insights and strategies that drive measurable results.

For more information about Nerd Herd and their services, please visit or contact Ashlei Rolloff at [email protected].

About Nerd Herd:

Nerd Herd is a B2B2C HVACR marketing agency specializing in strategy, creative services, demand generation and consulting for established B2B2C HVAC companies. They partner with clients who are value-aligned market leaders. Led by founder Ashlei Rolloff, Nerd Herd combines almost a decade of industry knowledge with a proven track record in providing marketing services, reshaping the narrative on partnering with agencies that lack a deep understanding of marketing to technical audiences.

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